If you need an item that isn't available at one of the University of Kent libraries, we'll try to get it for you from elsewhere.

Document delivery - coronavirus update

We currently cannot supply any books or photocopies through document delivery.

We will do our best to supply electronic articles and book chapters where we are able to source them. Therefore we can only accept 'Article' and 'Book chapter' requests through document delivery for now.

We're sorry for the inconvenience.

What is document delivery?

Document delivery is a service that allows you to get hold of books, articles, theses and other document items that the University does not have in any of its library collections.

The use of this service is charged to your academic school. Students: when making a document delivery request, please provide the name of a supervisor who can approve it.

Most items will be delivered within a week, but some items can take 2-3 weeks to arrive, so plan ahead if you can. If you need an update on your request, email documentdelivery@kent.ac.uk.

How to make a request

Go to LibrarySearch, click Document Delivery Request, and follow on-screen instructions. 

How it works

Canterbury and Tonbridge

Staff and postgraduates can request up to 12 items per academic year. If you make any additional requests, we will ask your subject librarian for approval or advice on alternative options.

Undergraduates can request up to 3 items per academic year, except:

  • undergraduates in English, History, American Studies, Psychology: your academic schools do not fund document deliveries for undergraduates
  • undergraduates in the Kent Law School: KLS will only fund your request if you are undertaking a dissertation.

If you make any additional requests, we will ask your subject librarian for approval or advice on alternative options.

SCONUL members visiting Canterbury: if you'd like to request a document delivery item to access at the Templeman Library, email documentdelivery@kent.ac.uk and give as much detail of the publication as you can. Charges are £16.50 (book) and £12.50 (article). You can only use document delivery books within the library.

Drill Hall Library

Please check the Drill Hall Library document delivery page

European Centres

Check your location's document delivery page:

Visiting other libraries

If you'd prefer to visit other libraries yourself, here's how to join the British Library or use the SCONUL Access scheme to visit other higher education libraries.


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