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Learning and Teaching

Sustainability in the formal and informal curriculum

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is about ensuring that our graduates, regardless of their field of study, are equipped with the necessary skills and attributes to face global challenges

ESD Toolkit

Future proof your curriculum by embedding sustainability into your teaching practice or further integrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into your curriculum.  This Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) toolkit will give you concise actionable resources to achieve this result while providing insights into the underpinning theories.  Enriching your teaching with SDGs advances our strategic objective to ensure that all students have access to learning and teaching that enhances their understanding of sustainability.  


The University and Kent Students’ Union, in partnership, are working together to facilitate institution change in embedding sustainability throughout all parts of the student learning experience. 

We are working to ensure that every student – from architecture to business, and chemistry to digital arts – is prepared with the knowledge and understanding of sustainability, and possess the sustainability skills and attributes, and the desire and willingness to deal with these issues.  

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Carbon Literacy

Kent Extra Studyplus Module

Develop your knowledge of climate change and addressing the worldwide climate crisis by taking accredited Carbon Literacy Training.

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Taught Curriculum - Cultures of Sustainability


This module encourages students to engage critically with the multiple and complex meaning of sustainability.

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Living Lab Projects - No Mow May Design Challenge

Year 2 Market Research Project

Stage 2 Graphic Design students have taken part in a challenge to produce a series of posters that can be used across campus to communicate the University’s No Mow May initiative in support of biodiversity

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Research - Energy Futures

Collaborations in energy research at Kent

An outline of the University of Kent's energy related research and our dynamic, demand-driven approach to the future energy

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Living Lab Projects - Bioblitz

Campus biodiversity data collection

Conservation students from the DICE held a BioBlitz which is an interactive event to record as many living species as possible within a specific area, under a short amount of time.

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Research - Signature research Theme

Positive Environmental Futures

This Signature Research Theme is about building an innovative, creative and inclusive community that is actively focused on addressing real-world challenges and finding solutions to the urgent environmental issues facing the world today.

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"Education for Sustainable Development allows every human being to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to shape a sustainable future.

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Curriculum Mapping

In 2022 we mapped 1292 Undergraduate modules against the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to determine our baseline for sustainability in the curriculum

Further support needed?

We can help with training at an individual, school or divisional level, designing projects for students or facilitating living-lab projects. Contact us to discuss your needs.