Carbon Literacy

Develop your knowledge of climate change and addressing the worldwide climate crisis by taking accredited Carbon Literacy Training here at the University of Kent. On successful completion of the course you will receive official carbon literate certification from the carbon literacy project.

Understanding and acting on the climate crisis is not just for environment students or staff. Every part of society needs to be aware of to understand and mitigate the effects of climate change which impacts everything from our physical environment to our supply chains and how we plan for the future.

Carbon literacy training is engaging, interactive and thought provoking way to learn and you will be able to equip yourself with the knowledge and understanding you ned to make a positive change for the climate in your own life and to positively influence those around you.

This one-day course is delivered by the University’s Sustainability team with approximately 1 hour of self pre-study and a face-to-face interactive taught session. The course has been developed by Manchester Metropolitan University in collaboration with the Carbon Literacy Trust, and successful completion of the course results in certification.

Courses are run for both staff and students throughout the year and advertised by the Careers and Employability Service and the Sustainability Instagram page.

carbon literacy certificate

Carbon Literacy FAQs

Carbon Literacy means being aware of the impact of everyday activities on the climate, and knowing what steps can be taken to reduce emissions as an individual, a community group, or an organisation, and why it’s important that we all take these steps. The actions of individuals can and does make a difference. Learners who have completed a day’s worth of approved Carbon Literacy learning can be certified as Carbon Literate.

Your Carbon Literacy course will teach you the basics of climate change science, what’s already happening globally and locally, how your actions may be affecting climate change and what you, as an individual, can do to help. During your course, you will also make at least two significant low-carbon pledges. You will:

  • Create at least one significant action, as an individual, to reduce your own personal carbon footprint.
  • Create at least one significant action involving other people to reduce the collective footprint of your workplace, community or place of education.

You will discuss ways in which you can reduce your impact and the benefits of doing so. You’ll also learn about some of the excellent things that those around us are already doing (good, wholesome inspiration!) and find out how to motivate and inspire those around you, including gaining the confidence to express your Carbon Literacy to others.

Not at all. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of climate change to take part in this course. You do need to be keen and willing to learn.

Certificates are only issued by The Carbon Literacy Project. During your workshop, your trainer will be collecting evidence from the session (these can be photos, questionnaires or anything that we can use to see that you’ve taken part in the learning, and created a personal and group action). When this evidence is submitted to The Project by your trainer we will review it and use it to certify you as Carbon Literate. We will then issue your certificate to your trainer, who will distribute to you.

Becoming Carbon Literate requires a relative amount of hard work. Learning about climate change, for one, isn’t easy – but it’s the most important thing you’ll ever learn.

In order to achieve your Carbon Literacy certificate, you do have to put in some effort. It’s not an ‘easy ride’, and we only certify individuals that have shown engagement, enthusiasm and have contributed to the workshop activities and discussions. You must create significant personal and group actions to reduce your carbon footprint. The most important thing is you’ll have all the support you will need from your trainer and the other learners in the room. Your trainer will also give you advice on where to find out more following completion of your course.


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