University of Kent Sustainability Strategy

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Leadership, Staff and Governance for Sustainability

Staff Training

All new staff at Kent undertake an Introduction to Sustainability e-learning module. We are moving platforms for the training at the moment so which training you will need to complete will depend on your start date.

Start date before 17th June 2022 - You will receive an email with instructions to complete training on the Awaken platform which can be accessed using the link on the right. 

Start date after 17th June 2022 - You will need to complete the Sustainability Awareness module on the staff training Moodle using the Moodle link on the right.

If you have any queries related to this training please contact Catherine Morris (Sustainability Manager) at

External Partnerships

The Sustainability team works closely with a number of external organisations. We are educational members of the Environmental Association of Universities which allows us to share knowledge of delivering sustainability in HE from Universities across the UK. 

We also represent the University in a number of external community action groups such a Canterbury Climate Action Partnership (CCAP) and the Canterbury SDG Forum


Vice chancellor Karen Cox

We will embed sustainability through building the UN Sustainable Development Goals into our research, education, leadership, operations, administration and engagement.