Environmental Management System

Our Environmental Management System (EMS) is externally certified to ISO 14001: 2015 and supports our Environmental Policy. It includes all activities conducted on the Canterbury and Medway campuses, including academic and residential buildings, sports, catering and conferencing facilities.

Our EMS has been certified to ISO14001 which is the International standard for Environmental Management and is based on the ‘plan–do–check–act’ cycle for controlling and continuously improving an organisation’s environmental performance. This enables us as an organisation to identify and control the environmental impact of our activities, products and services; to continuously improve our environmental performance; and, to implement a systematic approach to set and achieve environmental objectives and targets.

The Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability Department specifies and manages core administrative elements of the Environmental Management System, including training and internal auditing, and advises on environmental compliance and best practice. 

Targets and Data

SMART targets are set annually for all significant operational areas and are reported against annually. A summary of targets and progress can be found on our data page below.

Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle

Emergency Response

As well as identifying and minimising our risks to the environment, we also ensure that we are prepared for any environmental emergencies such as spills of hazardous materials. Key staff are trained in emergency spill response and we have developed a spill response procedure detailing the steps we take to deal with incidents. 

EMS Documents (on request)

If you would like access to any of  our controlled EMS documents please contact c.morris@kent.ac.uk. Please note that these files are usually only available to University Staff but exceptions may be made under special circumstances.  

EMS-Manual - The manual sets out the purpose and structure of the management system and is designed according to the requirements of the ISO-14001 Standard

EMS-Requirements - This document sets out the legislative and other requirements on the University and summarises the measures the University must take to comply

EMS-Aspects - Our aspects are all of our activities which can have an impact on the University. This document assess all of our aspects and ranks them by risk

EMS-Training - This document sets out the training requirements for different staff roles at the University

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