How We're Getting On

How we're getting on

Mid-Term Review

Since we published our Kent 2025 Strategy, we have made significant progress in a number of areas while also continually reviewing our initial objectives based on what we have learnt along the way.

We've since published our Mid-Term Review which brings together progress to date with an updates on where we're headed next.

Mid-Term Review

Our strategic review published in autumn 2021:

  • looks at progress to date
  • sets out adjustments to the original strategy 
  • describes how remaining objectives can be met

Strategy delivery to date

Over the past 18 months we have learned some important lessons across the University:

  • Never underestimate our staff- our community has responded to unprecedent challenges with flexibility, and resilience
  • New ways of working -  roll out new policies based around home/office working.
  • How to use online meetings    
  • More creative teaching - understand the value of a mix of online and face to face teaching.
  • Better exams and assessments - new procedures have shown  different ways of assessing learning outcomes.
  • Online lectures/seminars - easier for larger groups to participate from across the country and world. 
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity - some students, especially those with disabilities, have benefited from  distance learning.
  • Research - the ‘Zoom economy’ has allowed for more international interactions.
  • Recruitment - our enhanced digital presence has allowed us to develop online open days, virtual tours, our first hologram 
  • The vital importance of resilient and innovative digital capacity - new digital strategies must be at the heart of Kent in future.

Signature Research Themes

Professor Shane Weller

Signature Research Themes are a key part of the University’s strategy to further develop our global research profile.

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Institute of Cyber Security for Society (iCSS)

Professor Shujun Li

iCSS is a University-wide hub promoting interdisciplinary research and educational activities in cyber security related topics.

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ICCI Launch

Professor Catherine Richardson

We have an exciting programme of work driving this, with projects like Creative Estuary already helping our region to reach its potential as a major cultural hub.

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Online recruitment

Simone Davies

We have made great strides with our approach to marketing with better insight, better planning, better reporting and good innovation.

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Medway Strategy

Dr William Collier

Our new Medway strategy sets out an exciting vision for the region with a distinct and professionally aligned portfolio and enhanced regional and civic focus aligned to the regional needs of Medway and its people.

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Silver Athena SWAN Award

Professor Sarah Vickerstaff

We are delighted to have secured Athena SWAN Silver, which is a reflection both of the hard work of the project team and of the broader commitment across the University to inclusivity and equality.

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Graduate and Researcher College

Professor Paul Allain

The Graduate and Researcher College (GRC), previously known as the Graduate School, launched in the 2020/21 academic year.

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Kent and Medway Medical School

Professor Chris Holland

Our innovative course will prepare a new generation of doctors to deliver 21st Century person-centred medicine. To open in the timescale we did is an immense achievement, but to do it during the Covid-19 pandemic is extraordinary.

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Staff making a difference

Becky Verlin

My main role, as Housekeeping Manager, involves managing a brilliant team of professional cleaners and handy persons who ensure that accommodation is ready for students and maintain it while they’re here.

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