Research and innovation

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Research and innovation

By 2025, we will ensure that we are known globally for our research excellence in the following areas:

  • Creativity, Culture and Heritage
  • Cyber Security, Digital Technology and Communication
  • Health, Social Care and Wellbeing
  • Social Justice, Inequalities and Conflict
  • Sustainability, Environment and Natural Resources 

We will achieve this through research and innovation that is:

  •  Collaborative
  •  Global
  •  Impactful
  •  Innovative
  • Interdisciplinary

At the University of Kent we are committed to supporting our researchers

to achieve their full potential, within a diverse and inclusive research and innovation culture.

We aim to attract, retain and develop talented individuals from all backgrounds, and to ensure that they feel valued and rewarded for their contributions to our research and innovation ecosystem.

We provide support and training for our researchers at all career stages, encouraging high-quality collaborative, innovative and interdisciplinary research, in an environment that champions openness and mutual respect."

Professor Shane Weller

Our Kent 2025 Strategy

Our Kent 2025 Strategy highlights our ambition to be a sector leader for the quality of our research culture and environment. Our Mid-Term Strategy Review identifies the progress made and the next steps.

Research and innovation activities


Benefits to communities

Deliver significant cultural, social and economic benefits to regional, national and international communities.


Student opportunities

Ensure students at all levels receive a research-informed education and can participate in research. 


Increase engagement

With business and industry, particularly in the Kent and Medway region, and will embrace all opportunities for knowledge exchange.

Culture and Environment



All participants in the research and innovation ecosystem are valued and rewarded for their contribution.


Quality Research

ensure that we are a sector leader for the quality of our research culture and environment.

Following our submission to REF2021, we will build on:


Creativity, Culture and Heritage


Cyber Security


Digital Technology and Communication


Health, Social Care and Wellbeing


Social Justice, Inequalities and Conflict


Sustainability, Environment and Natural Resources