Supporting strategic delivery are a number of enabling strands to help us deliver our aspirations. 

These cover our People and Culture Strategy, our place in both the region and the world, our finances and our approach to tomorrow's world.

People and Culture Strategy

  • Employee engagement - We will seek to build and develop morale, trust and wellbeing across our diverse workforce. 
  • Organisational efficiency and effectiveness - We will support the embedding of the new Organising for Success structures and ways of working, simplify people processes wherever possible. 
  • Talent management - We will ensure we have the processes, programmes to provide all staff with the opportunities to reach their full potential and develop candidates for succession to key roles. 
  • Our employment offer - We will develop our employer brand as a great place to work with progressive policies, competitive benefits and rewarding careers. 
  • Leadership and management capability - We will continue to develop the capabilities of staff at all levels to lead and manage in a way that is consistent with the values of the University and our place in the community.
  • Workforce ‘agility’- We will seek to ensure the University workforce is curious, agile and resilient, capable of meeting the challenges and taking advantage of current and future opportunities. 
Athena SWAN Award

We are delighted to have secured Athena SWAN Silver, which is a reflection both of the hard work of the project team and of the broader commitment across the University to inclusivity and equality."

Professor Sarah Vickerstaff

Financial strategy

The Financial Strategy over this period needs to ensure the University returns to a financially sustainable and viable position and that its activities deliver a financial surplus that is sufficient to maintain our core operations, invest in opportunities and protect against economic risks. 

We need to:

  • Demonstrate to our key funding and regulatory stakeholders (principally, our lenders and the Office for Students (OfS)) that our business model generates adequate cash for the servicing of debt, 
  • Maintain and develop our operations so we are able to cope with any bumps along the way without the need for increased support.

Digital Strategy

  • Support our staff and students - to manage the challenges of digital technologies, data and digital approaches through ongoing professional development, support and guidance.
  • Use our technology infrastructure and data services - to digitise and automate our processes, to reduce our use of paper and manual processes and to maximise the value of hybrid working practices and free up time.
  • Transform our physical campus - to make the most effective use of digital technologies to support education and research and innovation, and to provide a welcoming, social, efficient and sustainable physical environment.
  • Develop learning analytics - to support individual learners through the collation of actionable intelligence for students, teachers and professional staff. These will help to understand and support cohort behaviours and outcomes and to understand and enhance the learning environment.
  • Use digital technology and digital approaches - to develop and enhance our communication, relationships and partnerships with students, alumni, local, regional and global partners.
  • Work in partnership with global universities and technology partners - to co-create open, community-based, collaborative, sustainable online education to support lifelong learning focused on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
Towards Tomorrow's World

We have made great strides with our approach to marketing with better insight, better planning, better reporting and good innovation. The next steps will be to embed the new brand purpose internally and to launch externally.”

Simone Davies

Estate strategy

We will get increasing value – in its widest sense – from our estate: 

Development of our estate - in line with local master plans (Canterbury and Medway) with reference to wider Kent and Medway infrastructure developments.
Accommodation of growth - in line with our emerging size and shape
•Ensuring that our estate as whole is as green and sustainable as possible
Increasing community access - and growing income from our assets.

Staff making a difference

My main role, as Housekeeping Manager, involves managing a brilliant team of professional cleaners and handy persons who ensure that accommodation is ready for students and maintain it while they’re here. "

Becky Verlin

Global engagement

The underlying theme is that as a university which aspires to global impact, internationalisation must be central to all other aspects of our strategy. 

It is our international students, our international faculty and their research, and our international partnerships that make the crucial difference to our sustainability and enable our contribution to cultural, social, and economic benefits regionally, nationally, and internationally.


The Medway holistic vision provides for a distinct and professionally aligned market-led portfolio which retains our values and identity as a dual intensity university but which is closely aligned to the regional needs of Medway. 

It also provides enhanced focus and purpose to our role as a civic and anchor institution that serves the local region and where education and research are mutually reinforcing.

Medway Strategy

Our new Medway strategy sets out an exciting vision for the region with a distinct and professionally aligned portfolio and enhanced regional and civic focus aligned to the regional needs of Medway and its people."

Bill Collier