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HR is at the heart of everybody's working life at Kent. The HR&OD directorate restructured in August 2021, transforming its approach to delivering HR services and advice at Kent and moving from a fully centralised to a devolved model of delivery. Our new ways of working will only make this stronger, providing a platform that ensures everyone at the University is enabled and supported to make the most of their time with us.

The focus of the central HR&OD directorate will shift towards empowering others to manage their own activity locally, supporting a wider community of HR professionals embedded across the University. The directorate has a clearly agreed framework that is relevant and appropriate so devolved HR services can remain connected to Kent’s overall People Strategy.




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Changes to overtime payments

1 February 2022 by Nikki Hyde - Deputy HR Director

Following collective consultation with the JSNCC, changes to overtime payments have come into effect.

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Annual Leave and Rest Day

9 December 2021 by Colin Smith - Human Resources & Organisational Development

The University has continued to face unprecedented challenges though 2021 as we adapt to the large scale disruption brought about by both the pandemic and our continued period of change and the difficulties many staff are experiencing following the launch of KentVision.
The impact of this on the wellbeing of staff has been a significant concern for the Executive Group and following recent meetings of the group and as part of the commitment to recognise the efforts made across the university the following have been agreed

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HR&OD restructure

Posted on 1 August 2021 by Martin Atkinson - Director of Human Resources & Organisational Development

Following a period of transition, the Human Resources & Organisational Development (HR&OD) directorate has restructured to enable the devolution of HR services and professionals into Academic Divisions and some Professional Services Directorates.

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