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Find out how you can start a career in the creative industry. Here we list potential job roles and some of the leading companies in that sector.

Job roles

Art and Design

Advertising Art Director
An Advertising Art Director produces ideas for the visual elements of advertising campaigns in all kinds of media
Job Profile of an Advertising Art Director from the Prospects website

Art Editor
An Art Editor works for a magazine and is responsible for all aspects of layout, design and photography
Job Profile of an Arts Editor from the Creativepool website

Working to commercial briefs, an illustrator uses art and design skills to communicate a story, message or idea
Job Profile of an Illustrator from the Prospects website

Medical Illustrator
Medical Illustrators produce photography and graphic images for use in patient care, teaching, education and research
Job Profile of a Medical Illustrator from Prospects website

An Animator produces multiple images which, when sequenced together, create an illusion of movement
Job Profile of an Animator from the Prospects website

Fine Artist
Fine Artists create original works of art, through a variety of media
Job Profile of a Fine Artist from the Prospects website

Art Therapist
An Art Therapist uses visual art media to help people to express their feelings and confront emotional issues
Job Profile of an Art Therapist from the Prospects website

Ceramics Designer
A Ceramics Designer creates designs for a range of pottery objects made by shaping and firing clay
Job Profile of a Ceramics Designer from the Prospects website

A Printmaker designs prints and uses techniques such as woodcuts or silk-screens to create images which are transposed onto surfaces, generally using a printing press
Job Profile of a Printmaker from the Prospects website

Textile Designer
Working in both industrial and non-industrial locations, Textile Designers create two-dimensional designs that can be used in the production of knit, weave and printed fabrics or textile products
Job Profile of a Textile Designer from the Prospects website

Following a design brief, Stylists use their creative skills to produce visually appealing displays, photo shoots or outfits
Job Profile of a Stylist from the Prospects website

Graphic Designer
A Graphic Designer works to a brief agreed with the client or creative director and will develop creative ideas and concepts for a variety of products and activities
Job profile of a Graphic Designer from the Prospects website

Product Designer
A Product Designer creates a range of items using their understanding of technology, materials and manufacturing methods to improve design and usability
Job Profile of a Product Designer from the Prospects website

Interior and Spatial Designer
Working in a range of commercial, leisure and domestic settings, Interior and Spatial Designers are involved in the design and renovation of internal spaces, including structural alterations, furnishings, fixtures and fittings, lighting and colour schemes
Job Profile of an Interior & Spatial Designer from the Prospects website

Set Designer
A Set Designer designs and creates the setting for a television, theatre or film production
Job Profile of a Set Designer from the National Careers Service website

Jewellery Designer
A Jewellery Designer designs and may make jewellery using a variety of materials, including gold, silver and precious stones
Job Profile of a Jewellery Designer from the Prospects website

Landscape Architect
Landscape Architects create landscapes, including planning, designing and managing the open spaces in both natural and built environments
Job profile of a Landscape Architect from the Prospects website

Working to a brief set by the client or employer, professional photographers create visual images for creative, technical and documentary projects
Job Profile of a Photographer from the Prospects website

Press Photographer
Press photographers take photographs to record news and current events
Job profile of a Press Photographer from the Prospects website

Digital Imaging Technician 
Job profile of Digital Imaging Technician from the Screenskills website

Digital Imaging Technician (Unscripted TV) 

Job profile of Digital Imaging Technician for Unscripted TV from the Screenskills website 


An Actor, using their speech, body language and movement, interprets the work of a writer to an audience
Job profile of an Actor from the Prospects website

Theatre Director
Working closely with creative and production teams, performers and the producer, Theatre Directors create a performance which connects with the audience
Job Profile of a Theatre Director from the Prospects website

Theatre Manager
A Theatre Manager needs good business awareness as they are responsible for the personnel, financial, marketing and administrative aspects of the theatre
Job Profile of a Theatre Manager from the Prospects website

Theatre Stage Manager
A Theatre Stage Manager is responsible for the successful delivery of a performance by managing the rehearsals, actors, technicians, props and costume fittings as well as liaising with front-of-house staff and the director
Job Profile of a Theatre Stage Manager from Prospects website

Location Manager
A Location Manager researches, identifies and makes the practical arrangements for locations used for film, television or photographic shoots while working to strict budgetary and time limits
Job Profile of a Location Manager from the Prospects website

Make-up Artist
A Make-up Artist works in a variety of settings ensuring that models, performers and presenters have suitable make-up. Specialisms include the use of prosthetics and special effects
Job Profile of a Make-up Artist from the Prospects website
Job Profile of a Make-up Artist from the National Careers Service website

Working 1:1 or with groups of clients, a Dramatherapist uses performance arts to help people express themselves and explore their emotions
Job Profile of a Dramatherapist from the Prospects website

Music Therapist
Music Therapists use music creatively to support their clients and facilitate positive changes in behaviour and/or well-being
Job Profile of Music Therapist from the Prospects website

Musicians work individually or in groups to create and/or perform music in a variety of genres and settings including concert halls, studios and outdoor festivals
Job Profile of a Musician from the Prospects website

Dancers work in a variety of genres using movement, gesture and body language to interpret the work of a choreographer in a variety of media including film, stage and online platforms
Job Profile of a Dancer from the Prospects website

Arts and Media Arts

Event Organiser
Event Organisers are responsible for events including community, sports, arts and festivals from the planning stage to successful completion
Job Profile of an Event Organiser from the Prospects website

Exhibition Designer
Exhibition Designers work on cultural exhibitions for museums, libraries and galleries as well as large commercial public exhibitions including trade shows and conferences
Job Profile of an Exhibition Designer from Prospects website

Museum/Gallery Exhibitions Officer
In a large museum or gallery, a Museum/Gallery Exhibitions Officer often works with curatorial, educational and marketing professionals to plan, deliver and install permanent or travelling exhibitions but in small galleries and museums, the role may be combined with that of Curator
Job Profile of a Museum/Gallery Exhibitions Officer from the Prospects website

Museum/Gallery Curator
The Museum/Gallery Curator manages the collections of artefacts or works of art including taking responsibility for acquisitions, care and display of items
Job Profile of Museum/Gallery Curator from the Prospects website

A Conservator cares for, preserves and sometimes restores the collections of artefacts and works of art through using both traditional and modern scientific methods
Job Profile of a Conservator from the Prospects website

Design and Marketing Manager
Digital Marketers work to develop a multi-channel communication marketing strategy including social media and online platforms
Job Description of a Digital Marketer from Prospects website

Marketing Assistant
Marketing Assistants work on marketing campaigns and projects to increase brand awareness and promote sales or footfall under the guidance of the marketing manager
Job Profile of a Marketing Assistant from the Target Jobs website

Creative Director
Creative Directors decide the visual identity of an organisation and take responsibility for its creative output
Job Profile of a Creative Director from the Campaign website

Media Planner
A Media Planner works in an advertising agency or media planning and buying agency on behalf of clients in order to maximise the impact of their advertising campaigns through a range of media platforms
Job Profile of a Media Planner from the Prospects website

Multimedia Specialist
With expertise in digital audio and visual media, a Multimedia Specialist designs and develops a mix of media applications, systems and products to entertain, educate, persuade or inform the user
Job Profile of a Multimedia Specialist from the Prospects website

Web Designer/Developer
Web Designers are involved in both the technical and graphical aspects of web pages through planning, creating and coding the pages
Job Profile of a Web Designer/Developer from the Prospects website

Web Editor
A Web Editor has responsibility for writing and managing an organisation’s online content including text, images, video, advertising and other media
Job Profile of a Web Editor from the National Careers Service website

UI/UX Designer
A UX Designer uses a range of software tools to create applications and sites that are engaging, easy to navigate and aesthetically attractive to users
Job Profile of an UX Designer from the Prospects website

Film/Video Editor
A Film or Video Editor has responsibility in the post-production process for assembling recorded raw material into a finished product suitable for broadcasting
Job Profile of a Film/Video Editor from the Prospects website

Community Arts Worker
A Community Arts Worker works with community groups, often in deprived areas, to promote good community relations and improved well being through arts activities
Job Profile of a Community Arts Worker from the Prospects website

Arts Administrator
An Arts Administrator manages arts programmes, arts activities and arts projects including the provision of administrative support
Job Profile of an Arts Administrator from the Prospects website


There are opportunities to teach in secondary schools, further education colleges and also primary schools

Lecturer in Higher Education
A Lecturer is usually expected to contribute to research within the higher education setting as well as teach students. A higher degree, such as Masters, is usually also a basic requirement
Job profile of a Higher Education Lecturer from the Prospects website

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Intellectual Property information

  • Own It - Intellectual Property advice for creative businesses
  • Ideas 21 - A membership-based organisation and specialises in the successful commercialisation of ideas and intellectual property
  • Artquest - Legal Information articles from Art Quest

Business planning and entrepreneurship

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