Find out how you can start a career in fashion. Here we list potential job roles in that sector.

Job roles

Fashion buyer

Fashion buyers analyse customer shopping patterns, source and purchase materials, negotiate prices with suppliers and facilitate the production process and/or seek out finished products to sell.
Job profile of a retail buyer from the Prospects website
Job profile of a fashion buyer from Fashion United

Fashion designer

Fashion designers develop and collect ideas for items of clothing to suit a variety of different sellers and retailers (e.g. high-street and/or haute couture for men, women and children) by hand sketching or using computer-software to create samples. They often work long hours and must be proficient in the technical processes behind design (such as pattern-making or sewing) while always on the lookout for new trends.
Job profile of a fashion designer from the Prospects website

Visual Merchandiser

Visual merchandisers help to design and develop displays, floorplans and online content to promote products, brands and services.
Job profile of a visual merchandiser from the Prospects website
Job profile of a visual merchandiser from the National Careers Service website

Costume Designer

Costume designers design, create and hire costumes for film, television and theatre productions.
Job profile of a costume designer on the National Careers Service website

Pattern Cutter

Pattern cutters create, shape, alter, style, pin and cut material around mannequins to match and interpret hand-drawn designs, often working with machinists, computer-programs or other designers and garment technologists to meet a set of criteria and dimensions.
Job profile of a pattern cutter on the National Careers Service website

Accessories Designer

Accessories designers predict the upcoming trends and styles of new seasons, create hand drawn plans or software-based templates, then make prototypes of the accessories.
Job profile of an Accessories Designer from the Arts Careers Project website

Fashion Journalist

Fashion journalists research and generate ideas for a subject, editing news stories for articles and a rage of publications, making sure the content is accurate and submitted to deadlines, while also sourcing the necessary images, conducting interviews and meeting/planning with other colleagues on the news team.
Job profile of a Fashion Journalist from the Prospects website

Garment Technologist

Garment technologists advise on design alterations to clothing, the suitable fabrics to use and oversee the testing and fitting process with designers, pattern cutters and buyers.
Job profile of Garment Technologist from the National Careers Service website

Fashion Stylist

Fashion stylists choose clothing items to appear in magazines, advertising campaigns, music videos, concerts, film/TV, celebrity/model appearances and photo shoots.
Job profile of a Stylist from the Prospects website

Job profile of a Fashion Stylist from All Arts School

Fashion Photographer

Fashion photographers shoot visually imaginative and stimulating images of garments, brands and clothing ranges in studios and on location for lifestyle magazines, publications, websites and company advertising campaigns.
Job profile of a Fashion Photographer from the gradireland website
Job profile of a Photographer from the Prospects website

Costume Maker

Costume makers interpret and put together costumes based on a brief of detailed drawings, genre, specifications and measurements given by designers in the pre-production stage of a film, TV or theatre shows.
Job profile of Costume Maker from the Get into Theatre website

Quality Supervisor

Quality supervisors are responsible for overseeing the quality procedures during the production process of materials and items.
Job profile of Quality Supervisor from the TARGETjobs website

Some of these roles may require, or give preference to graduates with, a relevant degree.

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