I want to work in Environment and Biodiversity

Find out how you can start a career in Environment and Biodiversity. Here we list potential job roles and some of the leading companies in that sector.

Job roles


Arboriculturists are responsible for tree maintenance, which can include planting and protecting them as well as cutting them down when needed.

Agricultural Consultant

Agricultural consultants provide business, technical and scientific advice and assessment services to farmers and the public sector.

Countryside Ranger

Countryside rangers supervise and protect wild areas and allow public entry to wild landscapes and animal habitats.


Ecologists study ecosystems and conduct field surveys, undertake environmental impact assessments and advise on habitat management.


The ecotourism sector provides sustainable alternatives for travellers. A wide variety of roles are available.

Environmental Consultant

Environmental consultants advise organisations on a range of environmental issues so that they can comply with the law and reduce any effects their operations may have on the environment.

Environmental Education Officer

Environmental education officers raise awareness of conservation and sustainability through giving talks, teaching programmes to schools, families or community groups, leading guided walks, collating scientific data, recruiting volunteers, generating fundraising activities, and also organising promotion through leaflets, newsletters and websites.

Environmental Manager

Environmental managers are responsible for assessing an organisation’s impact on the environment and implementing improvements that are in line with relevant policy and legislation.

Environmental Scientist

Environmental scientists assess the impact that humans have on the environment.

Field Trials Officer

Field trials officers prepare and monitor research trials through on-site and/or laboratory experiments on animals or plants.

Fisheries Officer

Fisheries officers assess and protect fish in a variety of habitats.

Fish Farm Manager

Fish farm managers are responsible for the operation of fish farms that breed and sell fish for the food industry.

Forest Manager/Officer

Forest managers/officers are responsible for the management of woodlands that have a variety of uses.

Government Research Officer

The research and analysis of government research officers is instrumental in the creation and change of policies. The research can be in a wide variety of areas including environmental research.


Horticulturists are responsible for the cultivation of plants for retail, public amenities and sports grounds.

Horticultural Therapist

Horticultural therapists help people improve their mental and physical health through gardening.

Marine Scientist

Marine scientists study different aspects of the ocean including marine life and environmental issues.

Nature Conservation Officer

Nature conservation officers oversee the protection and maintenance of local grasslands, woods, moors, mountains and marine habitats.


Ornithologists study all aspects of birds, including the ecology and conservation of their habitats.

Recycling Officer

Recycling officers design, monitor, improve and publicise recycling schemes.

Research Scientist

Research scientists carry out experiments and report on their results.

Science Writer

Science writers compose print and online scientific articles, papers, company reports, journals and press releases for business, professional, technical and specialist publications.

Soil Scientist

Soil scientists analyse and report on soil for a variety of purposes ranging from assessing environmental damage, to determining if a site is suitable for construction to take place.

Sustainability Consultant

Sustainability consultants advise clients on making their business/development as sustainable as possible.

Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer coordinators recruit and supervise volunteers and make sure that they receive the appropriate training.

Waste Management Officer

Waste management officers oversee waste management arrangements to ensure that communities are kept clean and that waste is disposed of in the most sustainable way possible, complying with all relevant legislation.

Water Quality Scientist

Water quality scientists test water to ensure it meets water quality standards.


Zookeepers care for animals in captivity.


Public Sector Organisations

Environmental job vacancy and information sources

Environmental recruitment agencies

Water companies and fisheries

Environmental consultancies

  • ADAS - delivers consultancy on policy, agriculture and the environment.
  • Arcadis - Consultancy on the natural and built environment
  • ENDS - Environmental Data Services (ENDS) provide intelligence on environmental affairsIncludes a consultancy directory and job search
  • Wood PLC - specialises in environmental and energy consultancy
  • ER- Sustainability consultancy
  • Golder Associates - Earth, environment and energy consultancy
  • Mott MacDonald - provides consultancy for a range of sectors including on the environment
  • Arup - provides consultancy on the built environment
  • Ricardo - Engineering and environmental consultancy
  • Royal Haskoning DHV - provides consultancy for a range of sectors including on the environment
  • RPS - Consultancy on the built and natural environment, energy and water
  • RSK - Engineering and environmental consultancy
  • Stantec - provides environmental science consultancy as well as consultancy in other areas
  • WRc International - operates across the water, environment, gas and resource management sectors
  • WSP - provides consultancy for a range of sectors including on the environment

Voluntary and charitable organisations

Overseas volunteering

If you are using a gap year organisation to organise your placement make sure that you research it thoroughly. Most placements go well, but there is a significant minority where students feel that the experience was nothing like that promised in the glossy brochure. So before you pay out lots of money make sure you know all about the project. You can find out more about gap year organisations on the Prospects website.

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