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Find out how you can start a career in secretarial work. Here we list potential job roles and some of the leading companies in that sector.

Job roles

Graduate Secretary

  • Prospects Job Profile: Secretary/Administrator 
  • INVOLVES: Word-processing & desktop publishing (this is becoming less central as most managers now have their own computers). Dealing with incoming post, email, telephone calls Answering enquiries, maintaining diaries & making appointments. Organising meetings, travel, dispatch, purchases, etc. Maintaining a filing system/computer databases.
  • EMPLOYERS: All types of organisation, & also individuals, in UK & overseas, including those which require specialist secretarial qualifications such as law firms, hospitals/surgeries & farms.
  • RELATED JOBS: administrative assistant, receptionist.
  • SATISFACTIONS: Flexibility - easy to move from one employer or location to another. Fits in well with different lifestyles - part-time work, career break.
  • NEGATIVES: Lowish salary. Routine work as junior secretary. Little power to implement change within the organisation.
  • SKILLS: written communication, verbal communication, organising, listening, co-operating.
  • ADVANCEMENT: Movement from secretary to senior secretary/office manager, with greater scope for initiative & responsibility, including supervision of other staff. from senior secretary to personal assistant - a highly proactive role working closely with senior manager(s) & undertaking a substantial role in your own right, such as researching & producing reports.
  • DEGREE: Any degree subject: languages for bilingual secretary. Postgraduate secretarial courses confers a distinct advantage. These are widely available. Otherwise would need very good keyboard skills and knowledge of packages such as WP & spreadsheets.
  • VACANCY SOURCES: Recruitment Agencies , Local & National Newspapers.
  • TIPS: Get good word-processing skills preferably via a secretarial course. Can be a stepping stone into other jobs - especially in the media & secretarial teaching.

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Office Administration, Secretarial and P.A. Courses 

There are many courses covering these areas: those listed below are a selection, mostly in the south of England , that may be of interest to Kent graduates seeking to improve their skills in these areas. This list does not imply any recommendation of these courses.

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