I want to work in Bioinformatics

Find out how you can start a career in Bioinformatics work. Here we list potential job roles and some of the leading companies in that sector.

Job Roles

Uses of Biotechnology 

Trained biotechnologists use biological organisms to develop or make innovative products designed to improve health, food and the world around us

Trained biotechnologist are required in large numbers for the manufacture of biological products such as pharmaceuticals and speciality chemicals. In addition, food and beverage manufacturers are increasingly embracing biotechnology.

Skills Required

  • Time management and planning
  • Technical laboratory competencies such as manual dexterity and analysis of data teamwork
  • Negotiation and decision-making.

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Postgraduate courses:

  • Cranfield University: MSc ‘Applied Bioinformatics BBSRC funded places available
  • Manchester, Leeds, Exeter, Edinburgh, Birkbeck and York Universities all have courses usually lasting 1 year. The Medical Research Council gives studentships and fellowships in bioinformatics.
  • Postgrad.com - A comphrensive list of Bioformatics courses

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