Emeritus and Honorary Staff

Academics recognised for their contribution to the School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research.

Emeritus and Honorary

Name Title Email address
Professor Andy Alaszewski Emeritus Professor of Health Studies a.m.alaszewski@kent.ac.uk
Professor John Baldock Emeritus Professor of Social Policy j.c.baldock@kent.ac.uk
Roy Deveau Honorary Research Associate r.deveau@kent.ac.uk
Mary Evans Emeritus Professor of Women's Studies m.s.evans@kent.ac.uk
Professor Frank Furedi Emeritus Professor of Sociology f.furedi@kent.ac.uk
Dr Nicola Grove Honorary Senior Lecturer tizard-info@kent.ac.uk
Dr Fiona Gullon-Scott Honorary Lecturer tizard-info@kent.ac.uk
Professor Chris Hale Emeritus Professor of Criminology c.hale@kent.ac.uk
John Jervis Research Fellow in Cultural Studies j.s.jervis@kent.ac.uk
Dr Derek Kirton Emeritus Reader in Social Policy and Social Work d.kirton@kent.ac.uk
Professor Peter Langdon Honorary Professor p.e.langdon@kent.ac.uk
Dr Anne Logan Emeritus Reader in Social Science a.f.logan@kent.ac.uk
Dr Anne MacDonald Honorary Research Associate tizard-info@kent.ac.uk
Professor Peter McGill Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychology of Learning Disability p.mcgill@kent.ac.uk
Professor Alisoun J Milne Emeritus Professor in Social Gerontology and Social Work a.j.milne@kent.ac.uk
Professor Jan Pahl Professor Emeritus of Social Policy j.m.pahl@kent.ac.uk
Dr Camilla Parker Honorary Senior Lecturer camilla@justequality.co.uk
Professor Larry Ray Emeritus Professor of Sociology l.j.ray@kent.ac.uk
Professor Jane Reeves Emeritus Professor, Centre for Child Protection j.reeves@kent.ac.uk
Christopher Rootes Emeritus Professor of Environmental Politics and Political Sociology c.a.rootes@kent.ac.uk
Dr Rowena Rossiter Honorary Researcher r.rossiter@kent.ac.uk
Professor David Shemmings Emeritus Professor of Child Protection Research d.shemmings@kent.ac.uk
Professor Kevin Stenson Honorary Professor k.stenson@kent.ac.uk
Dr Allyn Thomas Honorary Researcher a.d.g.thomas@kent.ac.uk
Professor Julia Twigg Emeritus Professor of Social Policy and Sociology j.m.twigg@kent.ac.uk
Dr Nicky Wood Honorary Lecturer tizard-info@kent.ac.uk

Visiting Scholars

Name Title Email
Ben Baumberg Geiger Reader in Sociology and Social Policy b.b.geiger@kent.ac.uk
Jennie Bristow Visiting Research Fellow jennie.bristow@canterbury.ac.uk
Dr Charlotte Faircloth Visiting Lecturer in Sociology c.faircloth@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Jan Macvarish Visiting Research Fellow j.macvarish@kent.ac.uk
Dr Gabor Petri Honorary Lecturer at the Tizard Centre petri.gabor@gmail.com
Ari Väänänen Visiting Professor, Sociology ari.vaananen@ttl.fi
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