Mary Evans

Emeritus Professor of Women's Studies


Mary Evans has been an Emeritus Professor at the University of Kent’s School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research since 2007. She is also a centennial professor at the London School of Economics

She was educated at the London School of Economics and the University of Sussex and was first appointed at the University of Kent in 1971. 

Research interests

At present, Mary’s major interests are in narratives, both in fiction and otherwise. She has published on various authors (including Simone de Beauvoir and Jane Austen) and different genres of writing (detective fiction and auto/biography). She has also written on feminist theory and the body. At present she is working on two themes: the reproduction of gender and class inequality (provisionally entitled Re- Writing Middlemarch) and a study of gender, religion and politics. 

Professor Evans has edited various handbooks and other collections and for fifteen years was the co-editor of the European Journal of Women’s Studies. 


Mary edited (with Kathy Davis) the European Journal of Women’s Studies. The journal is managed from the Gender Institute at LSE and contributions are most welcome. Please email the Managing Editor, Hazel Johnstone

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