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Our diverse community has earned a reputation for world-leading research that explores the complexities of the social world.

With its long and distinguished history, our School is now one of the largest social science communities in Europe. We work across many specialist areas and draw on a variety of intellectual traditions, ensuring that our research is broad and diverse in its scope. 

SSPSSR have been ranked 3rd in the UK for its overall research quality with 100% of it's environment classed as world-leading in the latest Research Excellence Framework (REF2021).  

Research impact 

The value we place on academic rigour and innovative ideas allows us to make a real impact on society. Within the School are trusted consultants and advisers to a wide variety of government departments and professional organisations. Thanks to this network, our academics are able to inform national and international policies and practices.

Research funding 

Many of our projects attract large research grants from funding bodies such as the ESRC, the British Academy, Arts and Humanities Research Council, European Commission, Anglo-German Foundation, NATO, Equal Opportunities Commission, National Probation Service and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. 

World-leading experts

Our academics work at the leading edge of scholarship in the social sciences. Their work contributes to influential debates and affects policy and practice in many significant ways.

Our academic network

We aim to get our work out into the world by publishing research, getting involved in funding bodies, contributing to international symposia and conferences and becoming partners in global or national research projects. 

Our collaborations, for example as a member of the Eastern ARC and the South East ESRC Doctoral Training Centre, provide opportunities to network and exchange knowledge. We also host regular seminars with external speakers to provide access to the latest research from other institutions.