Portrait of Ben Baumberg Geiger

Ben Baumberg Geiger

Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Social Policy


Ben Baumberg Geiger is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Social Policy.  He also works for Kent's Q-Step Centre, which he helped found and co-directed until September 2016.

For further information about Ben, please see his website.

Research interests

Ben has a wide range of research interests including disability, the workplace, inequality, the benefits system, addictions policy and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and the relationship between evidence and policy.

His main current interests are eclectic and include:

  • the changing nature of work, how this affects people with health problems or disabilities, and the role of the benefits system;
  • new ideas for the welfare state;
  • the nature of stratification across the lifecourse;
  • the relationships between evidence, policy and critique.

He is also completing research on alcohol/addictions: the role of pleasure in alcohol policy and also whether “addictive industries” are part of the problem or the solution, within the €9m EU 'Reframing Addictions' project (within which he is leading a work package on corporate influence).


Social science undergraduates across the UK rarely have good quantitative skills (outside of Psychology or Economics) – that is, skills for interpreting or creating statistical analyses to help understand the social world. This causes problems for academia, for employers, and more broadly for having a citizenry who can critique the ever-increasing barrage of statistical information they face in their daily lives. The Nuffield Foundation, the ESRC and Hefce funded 15 'Q-Step' centres across the country to address this.

Kent was one of the successful centres and Ben was a Co-Director of the initiative until 2016. He now works as part of the team teaching students new skills in quantitaitve and qualitative methods, wider critical thinking skills, and experience in applying these skills to the world around them. See the Kent Q-Step website for more details.


Ben is happy to supervise PhD or Masters students researching any of the topics listed in his research interests.




  • Co-editor of the blog Inequalities
  • Peer-reviewer for the Journal of Social Policy, Social Science & Medicine, Addiction, Alcohol & Alcoholism, Contemporary Drug Problems and Drug and Alcohol Review.
  • Reviewer for the UK Department of Work and Pensions, Department of Health, and the Alcohol Education & Research Council (AERC).
  • Associate Editor for the journal Addiction (2009-2012).
  • Let's all be open about what we earn - the Guardian's Comment is Free blog, 3/12/2010. 
  • Should we defend the middle-class welfare state? - Left Foot Forward, 7/10/2010. 

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