Professor John Baldock

Emeritus Professor of Social Policy


Until July 2014, Professor Baldock was Pro-Vice-Chancellor responsible for research, innovation and enterprise. From 2015-2017, he was Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Learning and Teaching. 

Professor Baldock studied for his BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford and my MA in Politics and Government at Kent.

Research interests

Professor Baldock's principal interests are: 

  • The demographic ageing of societies and its consequences and implications, particularly for social policy; 
  • The ways older people are provided with help and care from friends, family, the voluntary sector and the state and the differences between nations in these areas; 
  • The ways in which people cope with the disabilities of age, particularly the effects on one’s sense of self or identity; 
  • How industrial societies deal with the fact that many households seek to combine paid work with informal care for children and disabled and older adults; 
  • Patterns of pension provision and the potential for pension reform, particularly in industrial countries.


  • 'New kinds of families, new kinds of social care: shaping European policies for formal and informal care’, SOCCARE, 2000-4, European Commission Shared-Cost RTD Research Project (Framework V).
  • ‘How older people sustain their identities in the face of a limiting physical condition’, 1999-2003, ESRC ‘Growing Older Programme’, 
  • ‘The organisational context of retirement: the impact of employers’ age management policies’, 2001-2003, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, (with S. Vickerstaff and L. Keen).  
  • ‘Providing integrated health and social care for older persons – issues, problems and solutions’, (PROCARE),2002-5, European Commission Shared-Cost RTD Research Project (Framework V), Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources (Key Action 6, Area 6.5) (with A. Alaszewski, Jenny Billings, Kirstie Coxon and Julia Twigg). 


Professor Baldock is currently supervising postgraduate research students studying Social Care in Hong Kong and Pension Reform in S.Korea. 

If you have a research proposal within his interest areas, please email him.



  • Member of the editorial board of Social Policy and Administration
  • Member of the Social Policy Association
  • Member of the British Society of Gerontology
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