Kent IT Accounts

Kent IT Account for visitors and temporary staff

Kent IT accounts are available for temporary staff, examiners, conference guests and some other visitors.

Staying on the Canterbury campus

If you're staying on the Canterbury campus you can ask for a Kent IT Account at your accommodation reception.    

Apply for an IT Account for someone else

  • Under 18s can either use the public Wi-Fi service WiFi Guest, which isn't age restricted and anyone can use it without an IT Account, or you can apply for a Kent IT Account for them.
  • Accounts for under 16s:
    • To apply, you must be 18 or over. An adult needs to apply for the Account(s) on behalf of each child.  
    • The adult agrees to take responsibility for Account activity, making sure University IT regulations are adhered to.  
    • To apply, either:
      • get an application form from your accommodation reception and bring it to the Templeman Library Welcome Desk
      • apply directly at the Library Welcome Desk. The children don't need to be present.
  • Accounts for 16 and 17 year olds:
    • get an application form from your accommodation reception
    • the adult supervisor and each young person need to sign it, agreeing to abide by University IT regulations
    • the adult then needs to take completed forms to the Templeman Library Welcome Desk.

You can also apply directly at the Library Welcome Desk.  

Services visitors can access

With an IT Account

* If you already use eduroam at another University, you won't need a Kent IT Account as your local details should work.

More services for visitors

Without an IT account

You can pick up and use visitor Wi-Fi on campus.

 visitors can get a Templeman Library visitor card, which you can use to photocopy, scan, and to print from the Templeman Library visitor PC (not currently available). You'll need to buy print credits from the Templeman Library Welcome Desk to pay for photocopying and printing; scanning is free.

Temporary staff

You'll get an email to let you know when you can activate your IT Account. It contains your employee number which you need to activate the account.

  • Try to activate your account before you arrive for your first day.
  • If you haven't had the email and your start date is less than a week away, please let your line manager know.

More about IT accounts for staff

External examiners

Your account allows you to:

External Examiners for research candidates and external panel members: contact the academic school or partner delivering the programme if you have any queries.

External Examiners for taught programmes


Find out all the ways you can get in touch:

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