Studying in the Templeman Library

There's a wide range of study spaces in the Library, including spaces with student PCs and different types of seating. Work in one of our more relaxed spaces, or use a silent space if you prefer not to be disturbed.

Opening hours

Individual study spaces

There are study spaces with and without PCs all over the library for you to use for study or for taking online exams.

Silent zones

When you want to work alone and not be distracted or disturbed, go to a silent zone:

  • Block A, Floors 2 and 3
  • Block D, Floor 3.

Here you need to:

  • work alone in silence
  • not disturb others
  • set your devices to silent
  • keep drinks in secure containers
  • bring cold food only. 

Study carrels

Students can book individual study rooms (carrels) in the Library for up to 4 hours. Each carrel is lockable and has a desk, chair and lamp.

Together spaces

Group study rooms

Students can book group study rooms that fit 5 to 8 people and have a large screen and a student PC. Rooms can be booked for 1-2 hours.

Group Study Room 3 is suitable for watching DVDs or Blu-ray discs as a group, with surround sound and blackout blinds.

Group study booths

Or you can book a group study booth, which seats up to six people but doesn't have a screen or PC. Booths can be booked for 1-2 hours.

Whiteboard Workspaces

Vibrant collaborative working spaces in the D1 and D2 alcoves where you can make use of the large whiteboards on the walls. Don't forget to visit the Welcome Desk to pick up your whiteboard pack containing markers and erasers! 

Library Café

The Library Café on Block B, Ground Floor, is a relaxed social space with plenty of room to study and work together. Refreshments are also available.

Nexus study space

Nexus in Block D, Ground Floor, is another social area with relaxed spaces for individual study and collaborative work.

The Nexus campus help point and IT & Library Support are also located in this space, with staff on hand during office hours to help with all your student questions.

Book spaces using our IS Bookings SmartHub

We have a range of bookable study spaces throughout the Templeman Library.

  Group study rooms Group study booths Individual study rooms
(daily carrels)
Postgraduate study rooms
(monthly / quarterly carrels)
Availability 7 rooms 4 booths 16 18
Capacity 5-8 persons 6 persons 1 1
Location DG / C2 C1 B1 / B3 B3 / D3
Privacy Private Open area (non-silent space) Private (non-silent surroundings) Private (silent surroundings)
Facilities Digital screen, student PC, table and chairs ** Table, 2 x benches Lockable room with desk, chair, lamp, shelf Lockable room with desk, chair, lamp, shelf
Times * 1-2 hours 1-2 hours 4 hours Monthly / quarterly
Cost Free Free Free £18.70 per calendar month or £54 per quarter
Oct-Dec / Jan-Mar / Apr-Jun / Jul-Sept
Booking Minimum 2 hours - 2 weeks advance booking.
Book here
Minimum 2 hours - 2 weeks advance booking.
Book here
Limited to 1 booking per person per day.
Minimum 1 hour - 2 weeks advance booking.
Collect from and return room key to the Welcome Desk.
Book here
Apply at Templeman Library Welcome Desk: you only need to do this once each academic year.
Quarterly carrels
You can request a one-month break in rental - ask at the Welcome Desk.
Renewing your rental
To renew a carrel rental, you must pay the cost of the next rental period within the last week of the current period. ***

*  Times vary according to Library opening hours.

**  Group Study Room 3 is suitable for watching DVDs or Blu-ray discs, with surround sound and blackout blinds.

***  Please note quarterly carrels in D3 are currently unavailable due to building works. 

PCs, laptops and study equipment


  • There are a large number of student PCs in the Library. Find a free PC
  • Use a Quick access PCs for up to 20 minutes to check your email or print.
  • Just need LibrarySearch? Use a library resource terminal, available on all floors.

Laptop loans

You can borrow Templeman Library laptops for up to 12 hours:

  • Laptops to use across campus: laptops from the self-service cabinet in the Library Café can be borrowed and used across the Canterbury campus.
  • Laptops to use in the Templeman Library: laptops from the self-service cabinet on Floor 2, Block C, are restricted for use in the Templeman Library only.

Chargers are available to borrow from the Welcome Desk, along with laptop bags if you’re using it outside the Library.

Find out more about the Laptop Loans service.

Plug and go workstations

Use the plug and go workstations on Floor 2, Block C to connect your own laptop or other device to the monitor, keyboard and mouse. We have workstations with USB-C and HDMI connector cables - choose the workstation which is compatible with your own device.


There are printers all across the Library - you can also use them for copying and scanning. Clean the printer’s touchpad before use with the wipes provided.

There's a small cost for printing. View our printing guide.

Assistive technology

We have a range of assistive technology and software to support you in the library and online.

Take a break - chill out!

Take some time out from your busy schedule to relax in our Chill Out Room on Floor 1, Block D - no studying allowed! It's open 09:00 - 21:00 providing a quiet space away from your studies

Alternatively you can take a break in the Library Café, or by taking a walk on our beautiful campus. If you're using a student PC don't forget to save your work and use the 'Take a break' app.


Find out all the ways you can get in touch:

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