Studying in the Templeman Library

There's a wide range of study spaces in the Library, including spaces with student PCs and different types of seating. Work in one of our more relaxed spaces, or use a silent space if you prefer not to be disturbed.

Opening hours

Individual study spaces

There are study spaces with and without PCs all over the library for you to use for study or for taking online exams.

Silent zones

When you want to work alone and not be distracted or disturbed, go to a silent zone:

  • Block A, Floors 2 and 3
  • Block D, Floor 3.

Here you need to:

  • work alone in silence
  • not disturb others
  • set your devices to silent
  • keep drinks in secure containers
  • bring cold food only. 

Book a PC

If you want guaranteed use of a PC at a certain time, you can book a PC for up to 2 hours. (Bookable now, available from 27 September.)

Study carrels

All students can book individual study rooms (carrels) in the Library for a day at a time. Each carrel is lockable and has a desk, chair and lamp.

Group study spaces

Group study rooms

Students can book group study rooms that fit 5 to 8 people and have a large screen and a student PC.

Group Study Room 3 is suitable for watching DVDs or Blu-ray discs as a group, with surround sound and blackout blinds.

Group study booths

Or you can book a group study booth, which seats up to six people but doesn't have a screen or PC.

Library Café

The Library Café on Block B, Ground Floor, is a relaxed social space with plenty of room to study and work together. Refreshments are also available.

When you need a break - chill out!

Take some time out from your busy schedule to relax in our Chill Out Zone on Floor 1, Block D - no studying allowed! It's open 24/7 (except 06:00-08:00).

Or take a break from your studies in the Library Café or by taking a walk on our beautiful campus. If you're using a student PC, don't forget to save your work use the 'Take a break' function.

Equipment to support your studies


  • There are a large number of student PCs in the Library. Find a free PC
  • Use a Quick access PCs for up to 20 minutes to check your email or print.
  • Just need LibrarySearch? Use a library resource terminal, available on all floors.

Laptop loans

If you need a laptop to support you with your studies you can borrow a laptop for use in the Templeman Library for up to 4 hours. They're available from the self-service cabinets on the Ground floor in Block B (Café area), and on Floor 2 in Block C.

When you've finished with the laptop take it back to the cabinet and plug it in. 

They offer:

  • all Office 365 tools
  • accessibility apps
  • citation tools
  • internet access and a webcam. 

The laptops will work with your own wired and Bluetooth headphones. They don't provide course specific software, a charger, other peripherals (eg mouse), or speakers.

Please follow our laptop loans conditions of use and abide by the Library and IT regulations when using them.


There are printers all across the Library - you can also use them for copying and scanning. Clean the printer’s touchpad before use with the wipes provided.

There's a small cost for printing. View our printing guide.

Assistive technology

We have a range of assistive technology and software to support you in the library and online.


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