Visitor Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi at Canterbury and Medway for campus visitors

WiFi Guest

Provided by The Cloud, this service is for campus visitors who don't have a Kent IT Account, an eduroam account or govroam account.

How to get on WiFi Guest

  • Find WiFi Guest in your list of available Wi-Fi networks and select it
  • Log in, or register if you're a first time user, to gain internet access


If you have a govroam account, you can use it on the Canterbury campus.

  • Log in with your usual govroam account details
  • If you have any problems, you need to contact your own institution's IT helpdesk

About the govroam service

How to remove WiFi Guest

WiFi Guest (provided by The Cloud) network on campus is for visitors only. If your device is connecting to it instead of eduroam on campus, follow these instructions to make sure it connects to eduroam instead. You'll still be able to use The Cloud when away from campus.

iOS: iPhones and iPads

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap Wi-Fi
  3. Tap the blue circled i next to 'WiFi Guest'
  4. Tap the red button labelled Forget Network

Regular Sky users: you can use the Sky Wi-Fi app or the Wi-Fi FastConnect Hotspot Locator app to remove it: open Settings, tap Wi-Fi, tap the blue circled i next to 'WiFi Guest', swipe the Auto Join button to 'Off'. If you don't have either appuse Safari and install this profile on your phone to tell it to not automatically join WiFi Guest.

Android users

From the list of Wi-Fi networks available, tap WiFi Guest and select Forget.

Windows users

Follow these instructions to remove 'WiFi Guest' entirely.

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. In the search box, type 'wireless'
  4. Click Manage wireless networks
  5. Right-click on 'WiFi Guest' network profile in the list
  6. Click Remove network

Mac OS X users

Follow these instructions to remove 'WiFi Guest' entirely.

  1. Select the Wi-Fi symbol along the top menu bar and click Open Network Preferences at the bottom of the drop down menu
  2. Click Wi-Fi in the menu on the left
  3. Click Advanced at the bottom right of the pop-up window
  4. Select 'WiFi Guest' from the list of saved Wi-Fi networks
  5. Click the minus sign button then click OK


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