Locked IT Account

What to do if you get locked out of your Kent IT Account.

Why your account might be locked

Your account gets locked for an hour if there have been 10 unsuccessful login attempts within an hour.

This is usually because you've changed your password recently, and the email or Wi-Fi on your phone/tablet/laptop is trying to use your old password.

How can I get access?

Update your account settings on your phone, tablet or PC/laptop and wait an hour for the lock to clear (or contact us and we'll try to unlock it sooner).

How to update your phone, tablet, PC or laptop

Often the best way to do this is to remove the account settings, and set up your account again:

If this doesn’t work 

You can clear the stored Kent passwords from your Credential Manager (Windows) or Keychain (Mac): they will be listed as xxx.kent.ac.uk.

How to stop it locking in future

Whenever you change your password, update it immediately on your PC, laptop, phone or tablet – anywhere you access Kent email or Wi-Fi. Otherwise it might keep trying to use your old password.  

If none of the above advice worked

Your account might be compromised. Contact us: 

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