Social media will allow you to maximise the reach of your research to engage your target audience. This page will help you to choose the best platforms for you and to get the most out of your social media activity.

Top 10 social media tips for researchers

  1. Pick your platforms - don't do too much. Check out the benefits of: blogging, Kudos, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram.
  2. Decide what you want to achieve.
  3. Link with key partners.
  4. Be human - people love stories.
  5. Keep your audience in mind.
  6. Don't sink more time in it than you're benefiting from.
  7. A picture says 1,000 words.
  8. Measure! Use the tools there are to see if you're getting what you need.
  9. Expand your network.
  10. Anything can go viral... and it isn't logical!

See these top tips in detail and check out the best practice tips and social media guidelines from Corporate Communications.


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