YouTube for researchers

YouTube is a popular platform for sharing video content. Users can access it on laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, and can watch, like, share, comment and upload their own videos. Using YouTube to share your research can help it to reach audiences across the globe.

How to get started with YouTube

Learn the basics about YouTube channels by using YouTube's Getting started guide.

Build your community

Learn how to grow your YouTube channel and create exciting and engaging content.

Grow your channel

Find out how to use and understand YouTube analytics to improve the reach of your channel. 

Make your content accessible for everyone

Use the accessible content checklist to create a blog that is quicker and easier for everyone to understand and use, regardless of individal need. Making your online content accessibleis also a legal rquirement for universities. It's simple to do and makes a big difference.  

Policies and guidelines

Consent, copyright, data protection and privacy

  • Photographs and videos of people can be considered personal data. Ask for written consent to use photograph and videos and archive this information for the future
  • Different types of material have their own copyright frameworks. Read the University’s copyright policy and guidelines and contact for advice.
  • YouTube policies and guidelines

    Use YouTube's guidance to help keep it a positive place to create, share and watch content.

    YouTube at the University of Kent

    The University of Kent has it's own official YouTube channel to upload videos and collect playlists of its own films.

    Get support

    Click the button below to email the Research and Scholarly Communication team about social media for researchers.

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