Facebook for researchers

Facebook is a popular social networking website that is increasingly being used by academics to share research, engage in conversations and publicise events to new audiences.

About Facebook

  • Create a Facebook ‘page’ to engage audiences with your research.
  • Share text, images, videos and web links from a post.
  • Engage with your audience by liking or responding to their comments.
  • Posts made to your group or page will appear in your newsfeed.
  • Download the Facebook app or log in through a web browser.

Get started

Start sharing your research

  • Use the Share… option to share a post to a group, on an event, or on a page that you manage
  • Use Share to your page to select what you want to share the content to, add commentary and share the link.
  • Share images and videos from your Gallery, take a new one to upload, or update your story.
  • Members of your page get an alert when you add a new post, so they never miss a thing.

Start a poll

  • Click the 'Questions' tab and then write the question you want to ask.  Leave the answer open or add options to choose from. 
  • Use the Facebook Poll app to get answers to your questions.

Promote an event

  • Tell your followers about talks, conferences or other events where they can find out about your research.
  • Open events can be seen by anyone, and anyone can send an invitation.
  • Closed events are visible to anyone but only those invited can see the details.
  • Secret events can be seen only those who are invited.

Find out more


If you have any queries, email osc@kent.ac.uk

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