Blogging for researchers

A blog is an online journal, normally about a particular topic, that is regularly updated by the author to keep audiences engaged with their story.

About blogging

  • Blogs are interactive and readers can comment on posts and share them on social media
  • A blogger is someone who writes a blog
  • Include text, images, video and links to other content
  • Increase your reach by sharing links to your posts on other social media platforms.

Blogging at Kent


  • WordPress software is used for all Kent blogs
  • You don’t need to be an expert web designer; there are a range of templates to pick from (if appropriate)
  • WordPress online help has guidance on creating your blog through to connecting your work via other social media networks.

What to write about

Make your blog accesible for everyone

Use the accessible content checklist to create a blog that is quicker and easier for everyone to understand and use, regardless of individal need. Making your online content accessibleis also a legal rquirement for universities. It's simple to do and makes a big difference.

  • Photographs of people can be considered personal data. Ask for written consent to use photographs and archive this information for the future
  • Different types of material have their own copyright frameworks. Read the University’s Copyright policy and guidelines and contact for advice.

Share it

If they don’t know it’s there they won’t be able to read it. So start sharing your blog posts via your other social media platforms.

Get support

Click the button below to email the Research and Scholarly Communication team about social media for researchers.  

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