Reddit for researchers

Reddit is a useful platform for social scientists to disseminate work and engage with the public.

About Reddit

  • Users of Reddit are called Redditors
  • Subreddits are niche communities about certain topics
  • Redditors vote your content up or down
  • Popular Reddit content earns Karma which can boost your Reddit standing
  • It has glossaries to help you keep track of Reddit abbreviations
  • To register all you need is a username, password and email
  • Reddit discourage using your real name or birth year in your username.

Get started

  • You'll automatically be subscribed to several popular subreddits such as r/videos
  • Subscribe to other subreddits based on your research area and interests.

Make your content accessible for everyone

Use the accessible content checklist to create a blog that is quicker and easier for everyone to understand and use, regardless of individal need. Making your online content accessibleis also a legal rquirement for universities. It's simple to do and makes a big difference.

  • Photographs of people can be considered personal data. Ask for written consent to use photographs and archive this information for the future
  • Different types of material have their own copyright frameworks. Read the University’s Copyright policy and guidelines and contact for advice.

What goes around…

  • Share your content to the most relevant subreddit community – a potential audience of millions
  • Redditors will vote your content up or down
  • Upvoted content gains good karma and boosts your Reddit standing
  • The homepage will pull the best performing posts from the largest subreddits to create a snapshot of site activity.

Create or follow subreddits

  • Redditors can only create a subreddit if they have:
    • a minimum amount of good karma (which is low but kept secret to prevent spam)
    • had an account for at least 30 days
  • Go to your reddits listing to Create your own subreddit
  • Search to find posts and subreddits
  • Follow relevant and active communities (r/science is one of Reddit’s largest and most active subreddit communities with more than 11 million subscribers).

Engage with your audience

Talk about your work through the Reddit Science 'Ask Me Anything' Series:

  • It’s open to all practising research scientists or groups
  • It let's your community know that they can ask you anything
  • Highly effective way to engage the general public with your research.

Get support

Click the button below to email the Research and Scholarly Communication team about social media for researchers.  

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