How to complete Finance registration

Once you have completed enrolment, you may be asked to completed your finance registration. The deadline for completing Finance registration for September 2022 new starters is Monday 17 October 2022.

Please see the below text guidance for how to complete finance registration on KentVision. There are also FAQs below.

More information about how to pay tuition and accommodation fees can be found on the Welcome pages.

If you are fully sponsored

KentVision will show an alert on your homepage. Click on the banner.

Finance Registration home screen

You will then see a sponsorship screen summary.

Finance Registration Fully sponsored summary

If the details are incorrect, view the 'If your sponsorship details are not correct' guidance for further instructions. If the details are correct, click The details are correct and Continue.

Finance Registration Fully sponsored correct details

You will then need to agree to the terms and conditions and Continue.

Finance Registration Fully sponsored T&Cs

The process is then complete and you will receive a confirmation message.

Finance Registration Fully sponsored Complete

Click Back to return to the KentVision homepage.  

If you are a full fee paying student

No sponsorship details will display. Click The details are correct and Continue.

Finance Registration Fee paying

You will then see the tuition fee page with fees due.

Finance Registration Fees due

Click Continue to display payment methods.

Finance Registration Fee paying payment methods

By selecting one of the first two options, you will be redirected to the secure payment gateway.

If you choose to make a payment over the telephone, you will need to agree to the terms and conditions and will then be shown payment instructions.

You will receive a confirmation message once this has been completed.  

If your sponsorship details are not correct

If in the sponsorship screen summary your details are incorrect, select The details are incorrect and Continue.

You will then be taken to the sponsorship query page where you will need to make a selection.  

Below are responses for each of the selection choices.

Finance Registration Incorrect Sponsorship

Student Loan Company funding

You will see a message. asking you to continue your finance registration. Click Continue.

Finance Registration Incorrect Sponsorship SLC funding

Internal Funding

You will see the following message. Click Continue.

Finance Registration Incorrect Sponsorship Internal funding

External/Third Party Funding

Select either I wish to add sponsorship or I wish to change existing sponsorship details.

You will need to provide details including sponsor names and amounts, and can add evidence via the browse function.

Click Continue. This puts your finance registration on hold pending review by Finance staff. Please note that this means you will be a registered student, but that you will a financial hold on your record until you have completed your finance registration.

Finance Registration Incorrect Sponsorship External Funding

Scholarship and fee waiver FAQs

I am in receipt of a US Federal Student Loan or Canadian Government Student Loan

If you are in receipt of US Federal Student Aid (US Direct Loans) or Canadian Government Student Loan, the Income Office will manually set your records to reflect their funding method, even if it does not appear that you have completed financial registration correctly.

By now, you should have received formal notification of your scholarship via email or through your application portal. If you have not received any communication regarding your award, or have any other queries, please contact the Scholarships team via

I have registered but I have received an invoice for the full amount of my fees

Scholarships, fee waivers and discounts are not currently appearing in student accounts. This may result in you receiving an invoice for your full programme fees for the academic year 2021/22.

You are only required to pay for any outstanding fees minus the value of any scholarship you have.

For example, if you have received a fee invoice for £8,000 and you have a scholarship discount of £3,000, you only need to pay £5,000. Please note, if you have a complete fee waiver, you are not required to pay anything towards your fees.

You will be able to pay any outstanding balance online through bank transfer or our epay system. You can also still pay your fees in instalments of 50% prior to registration, and the remainder on Wednesday 1 December 2021.

I am not able to complete Finance registration

If you are unable to complete your Finance registration because your scholarship or discount is not appearing in your in your student account, then please follow the steps below to complete Finance registration:

1. Log in to KentVision and navigate to the Finance registration section.
2. On the Funding Details screen Choose the option 'Funding details are incorrect' and click Continue.
3. Choose the option 'Or, internal funding - fees or partial fees being paid by a School/Department is missing' and click Continue.
4. A screen will show with the message 'If your scholarship is not listed, you will receive an invoice for your tuition fees until your scholarship has been processed and added to your student account'. Click Continue.
5. On the view tuition fees screen, click Continue
6. On the select payment method screen, choose 'Your fees are being paid (or partially paid) by a scholarship but have not yet been added to your student account' and click Continue.

This should complete the Finance registration task.

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