How to understand your attendance summary

This page details how to find and understand your attendance summary in KentVision. You can register your attendance in Moodle.

At Kent, you are required to record your attendance in Moodle for all scheduled teaching events on your timetable.

Each evening Moodle sends your attendance data to KentVision, so there may be a delay between logging your attendance in Moodle and seeing it appear in KentVision. 

How do I see my attendance on KentVision?

To see your attendance, log into KentVision.

Click My Timetable and Events, then click My Attendance.

You will be taken to the attendance summary screen - at the top of the screen are your basic student details. At the bottom of the screen, your attendance summary table for the current academic year is presented.

For an in depth account of how read this information on KentVision, please view the above video from 00:52.

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