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Stay Well @ Home

Whether you find yourself at home alone or with family members, working or studying, many of you will be dealing with the impact of the virus. We want to support all of you that are doing your best to follow the national guidelines, staying put and finding new ways to keep physically active. Our range of Stay Well @ Home content will help you keep a positive frame of mind during this difficult time.

Online physiotherapy consultations

Lead Physiotherapist, Vicky Annis, is offering online physiotherapy consultations over the coming months. Appointments are open to students, staff and the public. 

“The online physio appointments with Vicky have been so helpful and beneficial. She was able to apply her skills and knowledge about physiotherapy via a Zoom meeting during our consultation, and she provided me with a variety of exercises to work on during a two-week period after which we had a follow up appointment. Vicky is genuinely nice and caring and really helped me improve my running performance--I would not hesitate to contact her again!”

Suzy Mejia-Buenano

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