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Exercise Referral

What is Exercise Referral?

The Exercise Referral Scheme is designed to promote physical activity for people who have an existing health condition and are physically inactive. 

Our qualified and experienced Exercise Referral team at the University of Kent Sports Centre will provide support to you during a structured 12-week exercise programme. 

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Who is Exercise Referral for?

The Exercise Referral Scheme is intended for people who:

  • Are over 19
  • Have a recurring illness or chronic medical condition, such as diabetes, heart conditions (heart attack, heart surgery, and angina), high cholesterol, high blood pressure, joint or muscle conditions, mental health problems, pulmonary diseases and epilepsy
  • Have a Body Mass Index (BMI) above 25
  • Are not exercising and would benefit from a structured 12 week personal exercise programme
  • Wishing to return to exercise after an injury or illness

What support will I get?

A member of our Exercise Referral team will meet with you for an initial consultation, where they will discuss your medical history questionnaire, exercise history, a nutrition questionnaire and a diary to help get you started with your programme.

Please come dressed in comfortable clothes that are appropriate for exercise as you will be shown the equipment in the gym. 

Once you have completed the initial consultation, you will then be able to book gym sessions to complete your prescribed programme. These are also booked through our online booking system.   

Then, throughout the 12-week programme, you can discuss your progress, diet advice and general well being with your Exercise Referral instructor.

At the end of the scheme, you will have a final appointment with your Exercise Referral instructor, where you can discuss your progress and how you are going to continue your new, healthier lifestyle.

Who should I talk to about the Scheme?

If you think you're eligible, please talk to your GP, practice nurse or health advisor for a referral. You can also be referred by specialist NHS services, local health trainers and local public health services.

The medical professional will send us a referral form, or you can email your referral form to Liz Coult

Download the referral form here (PDF, 200kb)

How do I book my Exercise Referral consultation? 

Exercise Referral consultations are currently available in three slots on Mondays: 

  • 8.50am to 9.50am
  • 10.10am to 11.10am
  • 11.30am to 12.30pm
  1. To book your initial consultation, please phone reception on 01227 823623
  2. Please complete the Referral form (PDF, 200kb), save and return to before the appointment. It is an editable document so no need to print
  3. If you have any difficulties with booking online, please call us and we can arrange your appointment

Once you have completed the initial consultation, you will then be able to book any of the cardio or resistance/weights sessions to be able to access the gym and complete your prescribed programme. These are also booked through our online booking system.

Please ensure that you cancel any appointments you cannot attend.

Meet the team

Liz Coult, Exercise Referral Coordinator

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LEVEL 4 Obesity and Diabetes

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Level 3 GP Referral Instructor

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