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At-home workout library

Kent Sport Health and Fitness Instructor Laetitia Pelacchi has filmed a range of at-home workouts that use little or no equipment, so you can stay active anywhere.

Laetitia at home workout video - back training with no equipment

Back training - zero equipment

No equipment? No problem! This handy video will help you build a stronger back without the need for equipment.

Laetitia at home workout video - bodyweight only quads

Bodyweight-only - quads

Blast those quads with this bodyweight-only workout from Laetitia.

Laetitia at home workout video - abs of iron!

Abs of iron!

Want abs of iron? Check out Laetitia's at-home workout that will really test your ab strength!

Laetitia at home workout video - plyometric exercises

Plyometric workout

Try these short interval exercises if you're looking to increase your speed/strength.

Laetitia at home workout video - glutes and hamstrings

Glutes and hamstrings

Fire up those glutes and hamstrings with this bodyweight-only workout.

Laetitia at home workout video - improve athletic performance

Athletic performance

Try this short circuit to blast your whole body.

Laetitia at home workout video - how to do a handstand

How to do a handstand

Learn the steps required to build on the goal of completing a handstand.

Laetitia at home workout video - quarantine home training

Quarantine home training

Stuck at home? Try this full-body workout to keep yourself active.

Laetitia at home workout video - build strong shoulders

Build stong shoulders

Shoulders are an important muscle for a range of movements and lifts.

Laetitia at home workout video - at home hiit and abs

At home hiit and abs

This at-home hiit round will really test your abs.

Laetitia at home workout video - tiny space hiit workout

Tiny space hiit

If you're short of space, Laetitia shows you what can be achieved with an at-home workout.

Laetitia at home workout video - Animal Flow workout

Animal Flow workout

The popular class based on the movements of animals. Try a few at home!

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Woman at home working out on exercise mat doing sit ups

Stay Well @ Home

An online resource of at-home workouts and tips to help you stay active during lockdown.

Temporary facility closure

Following government guidance, it has been decided that in order to protect the safety of our customers and staff, all sports and fitness facilities will temporarily close from Thursday 5 November in line with the national lockdown.  

Any updates on our service will be shared through @UniKentSports on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as soon as we are able to. 

Fitness services (not currently available)


Fitness consultations

Consultation to review your exercise experience, medical history and current health goals


Personal training

Comprehensive program and one-to-one training with an instructor, tailored to your individual goals


Exercise programs

A personalised exercise program card based on your fitness consultation 


Fitness tests

A fitness assessment providing useful benchmarks and targets for your physical activity goals