Library services for academic visitors (SCONUL)

Staff and students from most Higher Education institutions in the UK and Ireland can use the Templeman Library as SCONUL Access visitors.

What access will I have?

This depends on your academic status. The following can borrow up to 5 books at a time (not 3 day loans, multimedia material, or journals) from the Templeman or the Drill Hall Library:

  • academic staff
  • research students
  • taught postgraduates
  • part-time, distance-learning, and placement students

Full-time undergraduates can't borrow as SCONUL Access visitors and have reference-only access to the Library. You can get borrower membership for a fee - use the "Member of public" option.

SCONUL Access visitors don't have access to subscription digital resources or IT facilities, except free Wi-Fi and a visitor PC. You can use our document delivery service to have items delivered to the Templeman Library from elsewhere.

How do I join?

  1. Register on the SCONUL Access website.
  2. Save the confirmation email you get from your home institution.
  3. Fill in our online application form for SCONUL access to the Library. You'll be asked to upload copies of:
    1. your confirmation email from SCONUL
    2. your student ID or Library card
    3. proof of your name, address, and date of birth (… as listed)
    4. a headshot, passport style photo of yourself
  4. We'll process your application and if we have any further questions or need to request additional information, we'll contact you.
  5. When your application has been processed, we'll send you your introduction pack. This will contain all the information you need to get started.


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