Library services for alumni

Do you miss studying in your University of Kent library? In addition to the library services available to all visitors, we have some extra services just for you.

Coronavirus: in line with Government guidance, we recommend you continue to wear a face covering inside the Library.     

Borrower membership

Join the Library at our special alumni rate: borrow up to 10 books at a time for only £32 for 3 years.

You will get a KentOne card which gives you access to the Templeman Library and the Drill Hall Library.

More about library borrower membership

Continued access to RefWorks

If you want to carry on using your saved references in RefWorks, you can set up an alumni account. You can't add new references to this.

Copy your references

Take a copy of your old Refworks account before your Kent IT account expires:

  1. Log into your RefWorks account and use the backup function (Tools menu > Backup & Restore > Backup).
  2. Save the .zip file, which is a copy of your account information
  3. When you have access to your new Alumni account (see below) you can use the restore function to upload the settings into Tools menu > Backup & Restore > Restore.

Set up your alumni account

  1. Go to the RefWorks login page
  2. Look for 'New to RefWorks? and click Sign up for a New Account.
  3. If asked for a group code, enter RWAlumni
  4. Click Find Institution. You will now be able to create a new University of Kent Refworks account
  5. Create a new individual account - choose a login name and password that you want to use in future:
    1. enter an email address (don't use your old University of Kent one)
    2. select "Alumni" as your user category from the Type of User drop-down menu
    3. select your user category and department/discipline (area of focus) from the drop-down menus
  6. Click Create Account.

Details of the RefWorks login name and password for this account will be sent to your email address. You'll need them to log into the account in future.

Need help?

Get help with reference management (online form)

Open Access scholarly works

Due to licensing restrictions we're unable to make subscription e-resources available to alumni. But increasingly, academic works are published Open Access, which means they are free to use and share. Follow our advice on how to find legitimate Open Access versions of scholarly articles and books.

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