All Kent students are eligible for free travel and personal accident insurance arranged by the University of Kent with leading travel insurer Chubb Insurance.

You may still need to purchase additional insurance to cover all of your travel and health requirements, so find out what is covered by the University policy. Please note that some US universities require you to purchase their own health insurance. 

How do I register for cover?

For cover to apply you must complete the online travel notification form as soon as you know your travel dates.

This insurance will commence when you travel to the airport and will remain in force for the period of your stay overseas until you finally return home. Cover even extends to holidays taken while overseas, but please read the 'incidental holidays' section below.

University insurance covers a wide range of benefits and provides extremely generous insured sums compared with other standalone travel insurance policies. Detailed information on what benefits are available to you can be found on the University's Travel Insurance webpage.

How do I make an insurance claim?

In the event that you suffer a loss while overseas, please note the first £100 of any claim is not insured. All validated claims over the excess will be settled swiftly and fairly. Information about how to claim is available on the University's Travel Insurance webpage.

Incidental holidays

Please note insurance cover applies for incidental holidays taken within the designated year abroad country to be visited. Cover also applies for holidays taken away from the designated year abroad country during midterm vacation breaks. All known holiday destination countries must be disclosed upfront when first registering online for insurance purposes.

Any undisclosed holiday destinations and travel dates, must be notified by email to the Insurance Office for cover to be agreed. If for any reason the period of holiday exceeds the overall period of study in the designated year abroad country, the traveller must arrange separate insurance for the extended holiday only travel.

Evidence of cover

At the point when you submit details online you will receive an automated email to confirm satisfactory registration for University travel, medical and personal accident insurance. In addition, you can also download evidence of insurance cover from a link in this automated email. Evidence of insurance is also available for download from the University's Travel Insurance webpage.

You should keep a printed and electronic copy of your cover information so you know exactly what to do in the event of an emergency. If you suffer from illness or injury while overseas, you must call Chubb Assistance Helpline +44 (0)207 895 3364 for immediate help and advice, or alternatively email

Further guidance about what to do in an emergency is available in the cover information document.

Health and risk assessments

It is essential that all year abroad students read and comply with the University’s Travelling and Working Overseas Performance Standard. For further information please visit the Occupational Health webpage and ensure health and risk assessments are carried out before registering for University travel and personal accident insurance.

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