Costs and funding

Costs and funding

Before you accept a placement, you must make sure you have sufficient funds available to support yourself throughout the time abroad. Please also be aware that you may incur some non-refundable costs (e.g. visa application) even if your placement does not go ahead; for example if you do not meet the grade requirements.

Tuition fees

  • You are not required to pay tuition to the host university
  • You are required to pay your normal annual tuition fee to Kent if you are an undergraduate student going abroad for one term only
  • You are required to pay 15% of the normal annual tuition fee to Kent if you are an undergraduate student going abroad for the full academic year (£1,385 for students going abroad in 2022/23)
  • You are required to pay your normal annual tuition fee to Kent if you are a postgraduate student going on a term or year abroad

Personal costs

Before you go abroad, consider your own budget carefully and discuss it with relevant people (i.e. your sponsors/parents).

Understanding your own financial position and the cost of living in your chosen country may well have an impact on whether a study placement or work placement is feasible. Remember that in many countries, students on a work placement are often unpaid or are paid below the standard living wage.

It is particularly important that you research the following:

Key links and information

  • plane


    • Air fares
    • Transport to and from the airport
    • Costs within the host country, e.g. commuting and social travel
    • Medical examination or vaccinations, if applicable
  • first-aid

    Health costs

    • Health insurance, if required in addition to Kent’s insurance
    • Prescriptions and other charges
    • Some services may have a charge, e.g. counselling

  • home


    • Rent
    • Bedding, furnishings and utensils if not provided
    • Administration/booking fee (charged by some agencies)
    • "Assurance multi-risques" often required for French university residences.
  • dinner

    Food and other costs

    • In the US, this involves a meal plan
    • Specialist diet costs
    • Orientation or incidental fees
    • Books and other study materials
    • Sports facilities
    • Language courses


All year abroad students are required to register for free travel and personal accident insurance* arranged by the University of Kent with leading travel insurer Chubb Insurance. Students will receive instructions how to register for this a few months before going abroad.

N.B. In the case of the USA, the approved insurance policy may not cover all expenses incurred, e.g. for counselling or regular blood tests or medical treatment, so students must be prepared to cover those costs themselves. In serious cases, costs could reach tens of thousands of dollars.

*As part of registering for cover, students will need to complete the online travel notification form no later than 10 working days before leaving. Details on the full benefits available to you can be found on the University's Travel Insurance webpage. Students should keep the Chubb emergency assistance number in a safe place, ready for use in an emergency.