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Work abroad

Give yourself the edge in the highly-competitive graduate jobs market

We have more than 80 undergraduate degrees where you can work abroad as part of your course. Grab the opportunity to improve your career prospects, gain a new academic perspective and establish international contacts.

Where you can go

If you are on a degree course that includes a placement year/year in industry, you can work abroad in your third year. If your degree does not already include this, you may be able to add it or switch to a degree which includes a placement year/year in industry.

Take a look at our list of programmes with a year in industry. At Kent, the Placement Officer in your academic school will provide useful information and guidance about finding a suitable placement.

I did the British Council language assistantship in the Emilio-Romagna region of Italy.

Orla Cura, Italian BA (Hons)

Make yourself stand out

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    Get a better degree

    Studies have shown that students who work abroad are more likely to achieve a First or 2:1.

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    Rise up the career ladder

    Students who work abroad are more likely to be in graduate jobs and earn more than those who don't.

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    Build a global network

    Students who work abroad develop an international network of professional and academic contacts.

Improve your career prospects

In a competitive market, having something that differentiates you from the crowd is a real plus.

By making the decision to work abroad you are demonstrating to future employers that you are flexible in your outlook and have the enthusiasm and drive to succeed in new environments. 

You'll also have improved your communication skills, grown in confidence and gained valuable workplace experience.