Arielle Hutchinson

International Business with a Year Abroad BSc (Hons)

My year abroad has taken me out of my comfort zone in a really good way.

Why did you choose to study at Kent Business School?

I chose to study at Kent Business School because I have always wanted to study in the UK and I really liked the programme and experience that Kent offered. I liked that the campus was lively and had lots of activities and that KBS offered lots of opportunities for you to unlock your potential.

What is the teaching like at Kent Business School?

The way that the degrees are taught at KBS ensures that all the content is easy to follow and is in line with our degree but, through assignments and projects, it also allows us to go further into the topics we are most interested in. This helps each student to develop their own learning journey.

What is the best thing about studying at KBS?

I would say the challenging environment because it really allows you to grow. All staff are very welcoming and always happy to help with any questions or problems you might have.

Tell us about your year abroad?

I am studying at IE University in Madrid, Spain, taking Business Administration with some Politics electives. It is very different from being at Kent; it’s a much smaller community and the modules are all classroom based, so you get to know your teachers on a personal level.

So far, my Spanish has improved and I have taken advantage of some of the many extra academic opportunities IE offers. I have really enjoyed meeting so many new people, experiencing a new city and having good weather.

Was it easy to settle in?

It is amazing being in a big city like Madrid, but it is a big change from Canterbury. At first, it was a bit more challenging than I thought it would be adjusting to primarily speaking a new language and to a country with a very different culture, but I’ve integrated well. Ultimately, I believe this exchange was a good fit for me. Also, if I ever need anything I know that I can contact KBS and get help.

My year abroad has fulfilled my expectations; it’s taken me out of my comfort zone in a really good way.

Do you think the year abroad will help to differentiate you in the job market?

Yes, I think it shows that you are extremely adaptable and open to new, challenging experiences. I believe that these are qualities that all employers value highly.

Any advice for students considering taking a year abroad?

For students going on a year abroad I would say, prepare for a big change, especially if you are not going to a campus university. Also, the best way to go into the experience is with an open mind, be open to new experiences and you will learn a lot and have an amazing time.