Travel insurance for students


University Travel Insurance is arranged with Chubb Insurance Company of Europe, and provides worldwide protection for all students who travel overseas on University of Kent course related activities such as field trips, research, work experience or study abroad.

Cover extends to course related travel within the UK, but only when these journeys require an overnight hotel stay, or travel is by scheduled air flight.

The Insurance Office does not provide personalised confirmation of cover by email. Evidence of cover can be accessed via the link above in PDF format but is only valid for students who have submitted a travel notification form to register their travel for the University's business travel insurance. It is recommended that travellers print this information for safe keeping with their passport and/or tickets etc.

Notifying the University

You must submit a completed travel notification form for each and every journey, or you may not be insured. Please note no other method of notification is accepted. You must also provide details of any high value personal possessions being taken.

It is best to submit a travel notification form as soon as you book an air flight, and/or reserve hotel accommodation. In most instances the Insurance Office will then be able to validate insurance cover in sufficient time before you leave. Most journeys will then be fully protected by existing insurance cover, but if there is a problem with any aspect of cover you will be contacted within 5 working days.

The travel notification form is now the only accepted reporting method for notifying details of University related travel to the Insurance Office. Departmental administrators and secretaries can still act on behalf of the traveller but they must only use the online travel notification form.  

Help and advice

The emergency assistance card and travel advice (ecard) is valid for use on University of Kent business travel only. All business travel must be notified online to the Insurance Office or you may not be insured or have the benefit of the emergency assistance service.

Chubb's Medical Assistance eCard contains an emergency helpline number which will provide access to pre-travel advice plus emergency travel and medical assistance services during University of Kent travel overseas. It is recommended that travellers always carry a copy of this eCard, especially when visiting countries with known political unrest.

In the event of illness or injury while travelling overseas, call Chubb's Emergency Assistance Helpline as detailed on the eCard to obtain immediate help and advice. Or you can email Chubb Assistance will need the full name of the person requiring help plus the University's Travel & Personal Accident Insurance Policy Number as detailed on the eCard. Mention the person's role at the University and confirm their exact location overseas plus a contact phone number, and details of the name of any attending doctor.

Destinations - Disturbed areas

Be safe and always check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office before you travel as political unrest can flare-up at any time.

If you intend to travel to a disturbed area country listed below the Insurance Office will need to refer this to our Insurers for confirmation of cover. Any additional terms and extra premium required will be confirmed and agreed before departure.

  • Afghanistan
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • Iraq

Any additional terms and extra premium required will be confirmed and agreed before departure. Please provide full details of your itinerary in the "additional comments" box in the travel notification form. Anyone contemplating overseas travel must always check with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office when planning their travel and then repeat this exercise prior to departure.

War Risks Exclusions

Events involving acts by terrorists, such as September 11, are regarded by the current insurer as an act of terrorism rather than an act of war and are covered by this policy.

However, cover is excluded in respect of war between any of the Major Powers . These are defined as:

  • The United Kingdom
  • The United States of America
  • France
  • The Peoples Republic of China
  • The former constituents of the USSR

For example, if USA and Afghanistan become embroiled in a conflict, this does not fall within the war exclusion as it stands at present. However, the outbreak of any major conflict is likely to lead to a revision in terms and this will have to be assessed by underwriters as events unfold.

How to make an insurance claim

Occasionally, you might need to make an insurance page. You can see our insurance claim page to learn more about this process.

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