Travel insurance for students

How to make an insurance claim

We understand that sometimes things go wrong and you may need to make an insurance claim. This page gives details about how can do this.

Select and print the travel insurance claim form relevant to the type of claim you wish to make.

  • Cancellation, Curtailment, Rearrangement or Delay (Cancellation Form)
  • Overseas Medical Expenses, Emergency Repatriation & Travel Expenses (Medical Form)
  • University or Personal Property, Money, including Accidental Damage, Delayed or Lost Luggage (Property Form)

How to claim

All travel insurance claims must be submitted by the Insured Person, or their department, direct to the University’s travel insurers Chubb Insurance Company of Europe SE. Please read the following instructions before submitting a travel insurance claim:

  • Registered Travel - Claims can only be made for University-related travel, which has already been registered with the Insurance Office via the online travel notification form.
  • Where to submit your claim - Completed claim forms and supporting documents should be submitted by email to Chubb in electronic format -, but as part of the claims validation process please copy this email to the Insurance Office
  • Supporting documents - Remember to enclose scanned copies of all required supporting documents, which are outlined in the front page of Chubb’s claim form, otherwise insurers will be unable to deal with your claim.
  • Countersign – Please ensure your claim form is countersigned by a suitable authorised staff member within your School.
  • Beneficiary - All claims are paid by BACS transfer so please ensure the correct bank details are stated in the “Beneficiary Information” section of the claim form. For claims payable to the University please contact the Insurance Office for guidance.
  • Original documents - All original documentation should be kept by the claimant until Chubb have agreed to pay the claim.
  • When your claim is paid - When confirmation of settlement is received from Chubb, please copy the settlement details to the University’s Insurance Office
  • If you need help - In the unlikely event that Chubb refuse to settle what appears to be a genuine claim and you have supplied all required documentation, please email the Insurance Office, but please remember to confirm the Claimants name, Chubb’s claim reference, plus the name and email address of Chubb’s claims handler.

What should I do after Loss or Theft of property?

It is important to report any loss or theft of possessions to the local police within 48 hours of the occurrence and obtain written proof. Remember to keep all travel documents, used tickets and booking receipts, as proof of travel is usually required. You may not be able to claim unless you can produce these documents.

What should I do in a Medical Emergency?

In the event that you suffer from illness or injury while travelling overseas, you must call the Business Class Assistance Helpline +44 (0) 20 7173 7796 for immediate help and advice. Alternatively, you can email They will require your name and the University’s travel insurance policy number UKBBBO37395. Mention your association with the University of Kent, provide an overseas contact address and phone number, and if relevant, the name of any attending doctor.

What service will Business Class Assistance provide?

  • Medical Advice - Business Class Assistance can provide Medical Advice over the telephone to an Insured Person during an Insured Journey on a wide range of medical conditions by providing access to its team of qualified Medical Staff, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Repatriation - Business Class Assistance can provide repatriation by air ambulance, scheduled air services and/or surface transportation depending on circumstance - with a fully qualified medical escort if necessary.
  • Medical Referral - Business Class Assistance can provide contact information relating to local hospitals and Qualified Medical Practitioners if you require Out-Patient Medical or Dental treatment during an Insured Journey.
  • Emergency Medical Supplies - Help in locating and forwarding medicine or medical equipment, which might be unavailable locally.
  • Direct Billing - Business Class Assistance has the ability to arrange direct billing with a network of hospitals and clinics worldwide, which guarantees payment for treatment you receive.
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