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EU Settlement Scheme

17 June 2021

In order to protect your current rights in the UK, you must at least have submitted an application to the EU Settlement Scheme even if you have not yet had a decision.

If you are having difficulties with your application to the scheme, you can contact the EU Settlement Resolution Centre by clicking on the link on the page and selecting the appropriate option.

PLEASE NOTE: The scheme application deadline is fast approaching; 30 June 2021. There is no guarantee that the deadline will be extended even due to issues resulting from the pandemic.

Alternative sources of information/guidance include:

If you have already applied to the scheme, the Kent EU Rights Clinic would like your help with their survey to analyse recurring issues faced with applying to the scheme. Please see their request below:

Dear Students,

 As you may be aware, due to Brexit and as of 1 January 2021, EU, EEA, and Swiss nationals residing or arriving in the UK are now subject to special immigration regulations. In order to guarantee various rights including the right to remain in the UK, EU, EEA, and Swiss citizens can apply to the EU Settlement Scheme.

 We are part of the EU Rights Clinic, and are currently working on a project concerning the implementation of the EU Settlement Scheme. There have been many reports of issues with the scheme, the application process, and the software, which in many cases could endanger the proper safeguarding of individual citizens' rights. To help EU, EEA, and Swiss nationals keep their rights post-Brexit we are now compiling a list of complaints to be submitted to the Independent Monitoring Authority and EU institutions, both to increase awareness and to ensure that non-British citizens' concerns are taken seriously.

 To do so, we need as much data on the various issues arising throughout the process as possible. If you have applied, if you haven't but are planning on it, or even if you most likely will not be applying, your help in this would be greatly appreciated. We have created a survey that should take between 3 to 15 minutes where you will be asked about yourself, your application, and various possible issues that may have occurred throughout. You will also be given the opportunity to voice any other concerns you have about the EU Settlement Scheme or your own rights in the UK following Brexit.

 For further information on the survey, as well as to fill in the survey itself, please follow this link: If you have any questions or concerns about answering the survey or the survey itself, please contact us at

Any data obtained through the survey will be treated confidentially, and none of your personal information will be mentioned in any formal complaint. All results obtained through this survey will be presented in an anonymous fashion.

Thank you in advance for your help, we greatly appreciate it!

Best regards,

Francesca Fiore and Isabell Becker-Ebert

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