Postgraduate Research students

Changes to your completion date

A change to your completion date may happen if your Division recommends that you need more time to complete your course.

If you are nearing your original completion date (as indicated on your current and valid CAS issued by the University of Kent) and you are granted an extension which is beyond your visa expiry date, you will need to apply to extend your visa.

Once the Division has approved your extension, you must notify the Student Immigration Compliance Team. If you are applying to complete the PhD or other doctoral qualification for which you were last given a Student visa, you are exempt from showing academic progression (page 49 of the policy guidance) and therefore can submit your application for further leave from within the UK.

If you complete your course earlier than your date of completion date, please see our early completion date webpage.

You should read through the information on how to apply for a CAS. We strongly recommend contacting Kent Union Advice Centre, who can offer free immigration advice to all University of Kent students.

After you have submitted your thesis

We will review each case individually. However, it is not common practice for the University of Kent to issue you with a Student route CAS to return for a viva examination or to complete corrections.

For more information, please seek immigration advice from the Kent Union Advice Centre or contact the Student Immigration Compliance Team.

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