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There's plenty of support available to help you with your studies including workshops and specific support for international students.
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Student Learning Advisory Service (SLAS)

The Student Learning Advisory Service (SLAS) can help you to prepare for and succeed in your university studies. SLAS offers one to one appointments, workshops, videos and online learning resources covering a wide range of topics such as:

  • Introduction to university study and skills for success
  • Research, reading and note-taking techniques
  • Developing written assignments e.g. essay, report, dissertation
  • Referencing  
  • Giving presentations
  • Critical thinking
  • Time management and organisation
  • Understanding maths and statistics
  • Learning from feedback
  • Revision and exam techniques

Academic Advisers

A good place to start, for all your studying needs, is your Academic Adviser. You will be introduced to your Academic Adviser in the first term at university. They will be there to support you throughout your degree journey and can help with most things academic. This includes how you are settling into university life, the modules you are studying and any support you feel you might need. 

It is likely that they will consult your Progress Profile during meetings with you to gain a deeper understanding of your learning journey. Later on, they will help you with preparing for your exams, keeping an eye on your attendance and making career decisions. Did you know, your Academic Adviser writes your references? So it is important to get to know them and vice versa by attending all the scheduled meetings.

Your School will let you know who your Academic Adviser is (in your student handbook or online) or you can find out who your adviser is by checking your details page in KentVision. Your Academic Adviser will contact you regularly so keep checking your emails!  

Division student support

If you're experiencing personal circumstances which are having an impact on your studies, if you're struggling to attend your timetabled sessions, or have an important appointment - such as a medical appointment - which clashes with a timetabled session, get in touch with your Division Student Support Team. They can also help if you're concerned that you're not going to be able to meet a coursework deadline.

Disability and Neurodiversity support

Student Support and Wellbeing have friendly, expert staff who can provide support with disability and neurodiversity (including autism and learning differences such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD) to help you access learning and thrive at Kent.  

Peer Assisted Learning

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) is a voluntary scheme which is flexible, confidential, and fits around your availability and preferences. Mentors are specially trained 2nd or 3rd year students, and support mentees with the specific study skills and academic requirements of their course. 

This scheme is open to any students from participating schools.

It provides academic support for specific modules or general academic skills’ development. This is delivered through 1:1 sessions, small group meetings or drop-ins (varies from school to school).

Benefits of the scheme

• Encourages independent learning
• Improves student retention and achievement
• Facilitates communication between students and academics 
• Builds a community of learning

Benefits for mentors:

• Skills development such as, confidence, communication and leadership
• Practice of teamwork and organisation skills 
• Enhance CV
• Involvement in a community of learning

Benefits for mentees:

• Gain confidence in academic skills
• Become an independent learner
• Discuss and apply knowledge
• Get help with practical aspects of the course
• Develop a strategy for success

English Language and Academic Skills (ELAS)

All University of Kent international students can participate in our free English Language and Academic Skills (ELAS) modules, which are designed to help you improve in areas such as:

  • English grammar and pronunciation 
  • essay writing 
  • note-taking 
  • participating in seminar discussions 
  • incorporating sources in written work. 

In addition to these modules, you can also book individual speaking and writing tutorials. 

Internationalise your degree

Learning how to be a global citizen is a vital part of any world-class education. Feel empowered to be part of global change with our range of global learning initiatives, including  

School and student reps

Your School and student reps can be used as a form of support and are there to make sure your views get heard. 

Find your reps on Kent Union's website.

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