Divisional student teams

Each Division has its own dedicated Engagement Support and Programme Administration teams, who are on hand during term time and most vacations to provide you with confidential, sensitive support and guidance. Find out how to contact these teams below.

What help is offered?

Each Division has a number of teams to help you, no matter your situation.

Your Programme Administration team can advise you on:

Your Engagement Support team can advise you on:

Email addresses for the appropriate teams can be found under your Divisional heading below.

Postgraduate Research students have a dedicated team - see the Postgraduate Research section.  

Division of Arts & Humanities

  • Centre for American Studies
  • Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies
  • Department of Philosophy
  • Department of Religious Studies
  • Kent School of Architecture and Planning
  • School of Arts (Drama and Theatre, Film and Media, Art History and Music & Audio Technology)
  • School of Classics, English and History
  • School of Cultures and Languages

Engagement Support team: ARTSHUMSsupport@kent.ac.uk

Programme Administration team: ARTSHUMSugandpgt@kent.ac.uk

Division of Computing, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS)

  • School of Computing
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science

Engagement Support team: CEMSsupport@kent.ac.uk

Programme Administration team: CEMSugandpgt@kent.ac.uk

Exam team: CEMSexams@kent.ac.uk

Division of Human & Social Sciences (HSS)

  • School of Anthropology and Conservation
  • School of Economics
  • School of Politics and International Relations
  • School of Psychology

Engagement Support team: HSSsupport@kent.ac.uk

Programme Administration team: HSSugandpgt@kent.ac.uk

Kent Business School (KBS)

  • Kent Business School

Engagement Support team: KBSsupport@kent.ac.uk

Programme Administration team: KBSugandpgt@kent.ac.uk

Division for the Study of Law, Society & Social Justice (LSSJ)

  • Kent Law School
  • School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research
  • Centre for Journalism

Canterbury Engagement Support team: LSSJsupport@kent.ac.uk

Medway Engagement Support team: LSSJMedwaySupport@kent.ac.uk

Undergraduate Programme Administration team: LSSJugstudenthelp@kent.ac.uk 

Postgraduate Programme Administration team: LSSJpgtstudenthelp@kent.ac.uk

Division of Natural Sciences

  • School of Biosciences
  • School of Sport and Exercise Sciences
  • School of Chemistry and Forensic Science
  • School of Physics and Astronomy

Engagement Support team: NATSsupport@kent.ac.uk

Programmes Administration team: NATSugandpgt@kent.ac.uk

Exam team: NATSexams@kent.ac.uk 

International Programmes Support

  • International Foundation Programmes (IFP)
  • Pre-sessional courses
  • English Language and Academic Skills
  • Short courses


Postgraduate Research (PGR) students

Each Division has a team supporting their PGR students. Your Research Programmes Administration team can advise you on:

Division of Arts & Humanities: ARTSHUMSpgr@kent.ac.uk

Division of Computing, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS): CEMSpgr@kent.ac.uk

Division of Human & Social Sciences (HSS): HSSpgr@kent.ac.uk

Kent Business School (KBS): KBSpgr@kent.ac.uk

Division for the Study of Law, Society & Social Justice (LSSJ): LSSJpgr@kent.ac.uk

Division of Natural Sciences: NATSpgr@kent.ac.uk

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