Living in the Community

Your College affiliation remains as you move off-campus and into private accommodation. The College and Community Life team can continue to support you even as you live as part of the local residential community.

Your Community Life Officer

The Community Life Officer is here to support you living in the community and build your sense of belonging to Kent in your time living and studying at the university. The Community Life Officer can provide:  

  • Support for personal welfare concerns and referral to specialist support services 
  • Help with early resolution and advice for off-campus household disputes or disagreements 
  • A dedication to working on student safety campaigns in Canterbury and Medway communities 
  • Friendly, informal advice and guidance about residential life 
  • Advice and guidance on any issues with neighbours, landlords or letting agents 
  • Referrals to and guidance towards local services in Canterbury and Medway

To book an appointment with one of our Life Officers, email the team on

How the Community Life Officer can help you

The Community Life Officer can also provide the same welfare support as the College Life Officers.

Your residence, neighbours and landlord 

Kent is a lovely place to live and study, however, when living in the local community you may come up against problems with your house, neighbours or landlord. Our team is here to provide friendly advice and support, as well as making referrals with local services that may be able to help.  

The Landlords and Neighbours page has further information about building and maintaining a positive relationship with your landlords and neighbours.

Being a Good Neighbour 

We are proud to have an excellent relationship with our local communities, much of this is due to many of our students being upstanding members of their community. The majority of our students live in the university cities and surrounding areas.  

When living in the local community, you may find that many of your neighbours, both students and permanent residents, may have a different lifestyle to you. This means that you need to be considerate with:  

  • Organising events in your home off-campus 
  • Managing your bins and waste so you do not negatively impact your neighbourhood 
  • Keeping the volume down and being respectful of people’s properties when walking through residential areas 

Have a look at the Waste and Recycling page and the Parties and Noise page for more information about being a good neighbour off-campus.

Safety Campaigns

The university and local services have student safety campaigns supporting students living and visiting  in the local community.  

  • Connected Routes: Routes between the universities, residential areas and the city centre, identified as being generally safer to walk along. These routes have refuge points and access to support from Campus Security through SafeZone
  • Canterbury Street Marshal Scheme: Operating in defined residential areas to safeguard students and local residents as they transit through designated areas of Canterbury at night. 
  • Student Safe Taxi: Providing students who find themselves in a vulnerable situation a way of reaching their student accommodation or another destination such as a Police Station or local hospital, quickly and safely. 

You can find a full list of student safety initiatives on the Canterbury and Medway safety pages.

Moving out  

At the end of each academic year our team, alongside local partners, are here to provide additional support when moving out of your off-campus accommodation.  

Our moving out campaign is there to provide advice and support with:  

  • Managing your waste and bins 
  • Your moving out administration including your inventory, deposit disputes and change of address 
  • Donating long-life food and unwanted items.  

Find out more about how we can help you with moving out.

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