Parties and noise

We completely understand that you may wish to organise a party or event in your home off-campus. However, make sure you take steps, outlined in this page, to be considerate of your neighbours and local community.

Out and about

If you’re going out or coming back from a night out please consider your neighbours and fellow students.

  • Keep your voices down and don't sing
  • Try not to slam doors
  • Don’t drink in public

House party

How to have a good time without losing deposits, friends or ending up with a criminal record.

The best way to avoid annoying your neighbours is to celebrate on campus or in town away from residential areas.

If this isn't possible please take note of the following:

  • Keep the noise to a reasonable level, and try to make sure you're not making a noise that can be heard outside your property.
  • Tell your neighbours in advance if you are planning a party. They may welcome an opportunity to discuss with you what noise levels are reasonable and what time they would like you to quieten down.
  • Move your sound system away from the walls
  • Close your windows
  • Stay inside
  • Lock-up your valuables
  • Watch out for gate-crashers - if your think your house party is getting out of control and you don't feel that you can stop it, call the police on 999 for assistance.
  • If you do get a reasonable complaint about noise or the behaviour of your guests, apologise, turn the music down and stop the behaviour which caused the complaint.

Remember your neighbours may have early starts for work or young children trying to sleep and your house party may disturb their rest.

Most neighbours will be happy with an occasional party that doesn't get out of hand and quietens down at a reasonable time or on request.

Too much noise, too late or too often will annoy neighbours and you may find yourself the subject of complaints to the University, City Council and/or Kent Police.

If these complaints are upheld you may find yourself issued with a noise abatement notice, breach of which could result in a criminal record for all members of your household.

You can find out more about unwanted noise on the local council websites:

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