Landlords and neighbours

Dealing with landlords

Good written communication is essential for a successful relationship between landlords and tenants.

  • Email is convenient and helps both sides keep a record of what was said.
  • Be polite, respectful and factual when dealing with landlords or agents both in person and in writing.
  • Ask for it in writing if your landlord or agent said they would do something for you.
  • Set up a folder in your mailbox to hold all correspondence between you and the landlord/agent. It will help you keep track of what’s happened and will come in handy should any problems arise.
  • For advice and support please see our Community contacts page.

Getting on with neighbours

Some simple communication with your neighbours can avoid arguments and make living next to your neighbours a lot easier.

When you move in, say hello to your neighbours, they will appreciate this. And if you’re planning on having a party let them know in advance and follow the tips on the parties and noise webpage.

Also, if you have a car, don’t block other people’s driveways or park in their spaces.

If you receive a disruption complaint from the council or from the University of Kent don’t ignore it – this will just cause more problems in the long run.

Difficult neighbours?

Canterbury and Medway are generally very pleasant places to live, although rare, disputes between neighbours do happen.

If you feel like you’re being harassed by one of your neighbours, try not to retaliate, this can sometimes make the situation worse. Instead contact either the Student Welfare and Community Life Team for support or your local council. If you feel threatened or are in immediate danger call the Police on 999 or Campus Security if you’re living on campus.

Living with housemates

You often find there can be tension between you and your housemates over things like bills, noise and other potential rifts.

It’s important to try and resolve your tensions before they build up and get out of control.

Have regular chats with your housemates, cook meals and spend time together and try to avoid living in isolation.

If things get out of hand and you need advice you can get in touch with the Student Welfare and Community Life Team or Kent Union's Advice Service.

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