Moving out of private accommodation

Here's some advice to help you move out of your student house and travel home this summer.

For on-campus accommodation, please see our advice for moving out of Canterbury accommodation or Pier Quays at Medway.

Moving out checklist

This list doesn't cover everything, but here are some useful reminders on what you might need to think about when moving out:

  • Change your address – do this two to three weeks before you move, so you don’t miss any important post.

  • Check your tenancy agreement – to see what it says about handing back the property at the end of the tenancy. It should include clear guidance as to what the landlord expects you to do.

  • Get out your inventory - and make sure every item meets the condition indicated on the original list. Check the photos you took when you moved in and compare.

  • Have a good clean – put a date in the diary with all your housemates, so it’s not down to the last poor person left. It might be worth getting a professional in. Here are some top tips to make sure you leave Canerbury tidy when you move out. And don't forget the garden if you have one!

  • Unsubscribe – the gas, electricity, phone, water etc... to make sure you don’t get charged after you move out. And make sure all your bills are settled before you leave.

  • Talk to the landlord – arrange an inspection date when you’re still around so you can do it together.

  • Don’t leave a mess when you move out. Find out when you have to move out so you can start planning early. This will give you more time to dispose of things correctly, recycle or donate anything you no longer need. See the Canterbury City Council and Medway Council websites for more information about waste and recycling. 

  • Donate any unwanted items- You can donate  items including clothes, electrical items and books by placing them in the  British Heart Foundation  banks in various locations across  the Canterbury campus
  • Any leftover food? You can donate dried and tinned foods to help feed others. Permanent donation points are located at Kent Union reception in  the Mandela Student Centre, Keynes Atrium, Plaza Co-op and Parkwood Co-op.
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