In person exams

What you need to know if you have in person exams at Kent, including what to bring, what to expect and how to get support.

Do you have in-person exams at Kent? Watch our video guide so you know what to expect on the day.

What you can and can't take to your exam

For your in person exam you will need:

  • Student ID card - Take note of your exam number in red. You will need to refer to this to find your seat. You will also need to write it on your exam scripts.
  • Basic stationery (eg pens, pencils) in a clear pencil case.
  • A clear bottle of water with no labels.
  • Analogue watch (optional)
  • Calculator (if permitted) that follows your Division's guidelines. If you aren't aware of this guidance, please get in touch with your Division. 

You can also bring in:

  • Small electrical devices but these must be turned off and placed under the desk. This includes mobile phones, smartwatches, FitBits, headphones and Airpods. 
  • Keys
  • Wallets and purses
  • Coats

You can't bring in: 

  • Notes, textbooks or literature (unless otherwise advised by your School/Division)
  • Bags
  • Laptops
  • Tablets

If you have to bring a bag or any other unauthorised items with you, we recommend you use a locker on campus. Lockers are limited so it is best to leave your bag or any unauthorised items at home.

Find out what you can, and can't, bring into an in-person exam. 

Lockers and bag drops

You can leave your bags in the portakabin at the Sports Centre, opposite halls 2 and 3. Please note, it is not staffed and your bag is left at your own risk. You can take small items, such as your phone or wallet in the exam hall with you. Your phone and other small electrical devices must be turned off and placed under the desk. See what you can and can't bring into the exam hall. 

Alternatively, Templeman Library has free lockers you can use for the day during exams. These lockers can be found on the ground floor by the Library Road entrance (see map).

If the lockers are full in Templeman Library, go to the Welcome Desk for overflow lockers. You can also go to Nexus in Templeman Library if you need support or somewhere to put your bag.

If you're sitting exams at Medway, you can find lockers in the Oasis Lounge (Rochester Building) for you to use.

Getting to your exam

Aim to get to your exam 15 minutes before it is due to start and wait outside. The exam invigilators will let you know when you can go in.

Make sure you leave plenty of travel time and check you know how to get to the right place on campus for your exam.

If you are late, don’t panic, you will still be allowed in the exam hall, although you won’t be given extra time. 

Seating plan

At the entrance to the exam hall you will find a seating plan. To find your seat you need to use your exam number which is the red number on your student ID card. This number is also displayed on the desk.

Example seating plan

Entering the exam hall

The exam invigilators will let you know when you can go in the exams hall.

Before entering the exam hall, please turn off your mobile phone and make sure you don't have any items that aren't allowed in.

Large exam halls will display signs labelling the rows alphabetically from left to right to help you find your seat.

You can identify your seat by the ticket found on the top right of the desk. It displays your exam number and the module code of the exam.

You must display your student card top right beneath the ticket.

The exam paper and answer booklet will already be on the desk. Do not touch this before the start of the exam.

Exam etiquette

Once you enter the exam hall you must remain silent, this includes the time leading up to and after exams. 

It is possible you will be sharing the exam hall with others sitting longer exams than you so please try not to disturb them when you enter and leave the exam hall. 

You must not try to copy others in the exam hall or bring in any notes or crib sheets that haven't been permitted.   

Arriving late

You can still enter the exam if you are late but you won't be granted any extra time. 

If you are over 30 minutes late, the invigilators will let your Division know so it can be considered by exam boards.

During the exam

When the invigilator announces the start of the exam you may turn over your exam booklet.

Write your candidate number on your exam scripts. Do not write your name or student number on your script.

If you need to use the toilet during the exam, raise your hand and an invigilator will accompany you to the nearest bathroom.

You can’t leave the exam room within the first and last 30 minutes of the exam, to check attendance and make sure others aren’t disturbed. 

The invigilator will announce the end of the exam and at this point you must stop writing. The exam paper and answer booklets will be collected.

When you leave the exam hall please be quiet and leave your exam paper and answer booklet on the desk. 

Inclusive Learning Plan (ILP) for exam arrangements

If you have an Inclusive Learning Plan (ILP) for exam arrangements, your timetable will detail the general area you need to report to.

When you arrive, a member of the exams team will take you to your assigned room.

If you need any assistance regarding your ILP or exam adaptive arrangements, please contact Student Support and Wellbeing.

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